This is the first chapter of the Free Blogging Course, where I am explaining why you must start a blog in 2021 and utilize your free time to create a passive income source.

What are the benefits of blogging? Should I start blogging in 2021? I know these are few questions which comes to your mind at the very beginning of your blogging journey. Blogging is not just a hobby anymore. Yes, back in 2008 when I started blogging, hardly a few people knew about it.

I was searching for How to Make Money Online when I landed into an article related to
blogging and started exploring the same. But in 2021, the picture is different. Now almost everyone spends enough time on the internet, and many are looking to earn money online.

And that’s why blogging has become quite popular these days. This is not the only reason though, but one of the core motives. Yes, there are various benefits of blogging and I am going to explain everything about that in this article.

Is Blogging Dead?

Every year I read few articles on this topic: Blogging is Dead. But when you dig down further, you will realize that: blogging has become saturated, but it can’t be dead ever. And it is like any other profession which is getting saturated as many people are getting into. But it can’t die.

Let me share some proofs which will definitely motivate you and also help you to understand how exactly people are leveraging blogging to make money online. In fact I shared a detailed guide with examples that how much bloggers are making money online.

In fact, during Black Friday 2020 Sale, I made a good income from blogging. Here is a discussion where I have shared some info. You can follow that discussion here. Black Friday is the best time for bloggers to make a good amount of money using affiliate marketing.

If you have something new or do something different, then you will always find blogging is amazing. Mostly people follow others are try to create a blog similar to others and they fail miserably.

There are various topics on which you can create a website in 2021. Among them few of ever green & popular niches which will definitely be saturated. But if you know how to find out new topics or fresh niches, then only you will get success quickly.

But that doesn’t mean that evergreen niches are dead. But you have to prepared well and provide huge efforts on those niches. And that only you can create a successful blog.

And that’s why most people fail in blogging and they conclude that blogging is dead. But if you ask me, even after 11+ years in blogging I can see a huge opportunity in terms of leaning and earning. So, don’t get disheartened if your first couple of blogs fail.

Benefits Of Blogging: 7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog in 2021

Blogging is simply amazing. I am trying to become a better blogger day by day as it is my passion and also it is helping me to make a decent income online. So, let me tell you few of the amazing benefits of blogging that will definitely motivate you to make your first blog in WordPress in 2021.

1. You Can Make Money From Your Blog

Yes, I know this is the biggest reason behind starting a blog by most people. Honestly I also started my journey back in 2007 by searching for “Online Money Making Options”. During that period I came to know about blogging and it’s a long journey so far. But, I kept searching for more, kept my passion alive and that’s why I am able to make money form my blogs in 2021.

Mostly beginners think that they can easily start a blog and it will make money for them in just few months. Just writing articles is not blogging. Blogging is all about helping someone with your content as people are searching for solutions of their problems online. And that’s what most people don’t understand and they just create multiple copies of blogs of successful bloggers.

But the potential of blogging in 2021 is amazing. You can seriously make good money using Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored post etc. You can read various ways to generate income from your blog in 2021.

2. You Can Help People With Your Knowledge

At some point of life we all feel that we should help others in someway. But it is not possible for all due to various reasons. But I feel that I am helping people through by blog by sharing my knowledge about blogging from last many years.

So, if you have good experience in your professional life or personal life, you can create a blog and start sharing your problems and how exactly you have solved them. Just take the example of where people are posting so many questions in different category. And for every question you will find various types of answers that actually help a reader to get multiple types of solutions for his/her problems.

You can easily create a blog for free and start sharing your experiences online. With time you can improve your technical knowledge and gradually understand how to make your blog profitable.

3. Nourish Your Passion

I know that it’s a very common line and many people get irritated with that as well. You need passion to get started with blogging. This is not 100% true all the time. Means, if you really love something and talk about that, then blogging becomes very easy for that person. E.g. if you ask me, I can write and talk about blogging for hours as I am addicted to this topic.

But if you don’t have any passion, then how to develop a passion? That’s where I believe you must start a blog in 2021 as this will help you to develop your passion.

Yes, most people didn’t have any hobby or passion. That doesn’t mean they don’t like anything. They may never thought that or didn’t get time to think about that. In that case, if you get into blogging and gradually discover what is your interest then this is going to change your life. So, think about that and keep trying different niches in blogging before you find your true interest and passion.

4. Become A Good Writer

When you want to do blogging, the very basic skill you need is writing. I know that you can hire a content writer and create a website in just few days that can earn quick from affiliate marketing. But that is not blogging, I would rather say that is business. If you understand this business, you can make money but to become a blogger, you have to be a writer first.

Yes, just take example of any successful blogger, you will find that all of them are a good writer as well. You have to write content to share your knowledge, create your own voice, personalize every topic even if that is very common. And that’s where people will find your content useful, they will connect with your as they read more about your content.

So, make sure you put enough efforts to improve your writing skills. Because this will help you to become a good writer gradually and that will help you to grow your image as a better blogger.

5. Make More Friends (Like-Minded) Online

I am sure I don’t have to give you lecture on how to make friends online. But I have 1 question to you all who is reading this article, how many good friends you have who understands your thoughts? The term here is like-minded people and they are your true friends who actually support you to grow with your passion.

When I started my Facebook Group back in 2018, I hardly have any friend who actually understand what exactly I do online. But from that day till now, I made thousands of online friends, who always support me, encourage me, appreciate my writing skills, motivate me to do more in blogging. And that’s how a made a army of good like-minded friends.

So, if you are also feeling the same, then start blogging and make more friends with the same interest you have. This way you will get opportunity to brainstorm more about your passion, explore more possibilities and ultimately help you to grow in blogging. Think about it.

6. Learn Digital Marketing Skills

To become a successful blogger, you have to learn a lot of skills. Yes, I believe a blogger is a one-man army who must know various skills like WordPress, SEO, Marketing, Editing, Content Writing etc. You can provide freelance services also in coming days if you become expert in any of these skills.

Due to pandemic the demand for Digital Marketing skills are huge. If you want to make a career in Digital Marketing then also blogging is very much beneficial. You can create blogs, rank them in search engine and that can work as your resume. E.g. if you want to get a SEO Consultant Job then you can easily showcase on what keywords you have ranked your website and that will make your job search easy. Or you may get promotion in your existing job as well.

Even if you don’t have any job aspiration, there is no harm to learn new technologies. The way the world is changing in terms of technology, one must need to adapt with the new technologies to cope up with the world. E.g. because of blogging I have learnt web designing skills, marketing skill, video creation & editing skill and many more. This is helping me to run my multiple blogs and also help me to save huge expenses as I am not hiring anyone for these services.

7. Be Your Own Boss

Who doesn’t want to become a boss? Well, I am not talking about the typical definition of a boss who generally give order to his/her deputies to execute certain activities. Becoming your own boss means you create work for your yourself, you define when to work, how much to work and how to work.

And that’s why blogging is so much amazing. All successful bloggers are living their lives in their own terms. In fact their blogs are making money when they are sleeping at night and that’s what the power of creating online income sources. Even if you are a full-time professional like me, you can consider blogging as a passive income source.

But it’s not a cakewalk as you have to put some serious efforts to achieve such milestone. You have to learn a lot, have enough patience and should accommodate with the situation to accept failures and again come back strong. You can read my interview series where I have shared inspirational journeys of many successful bloggers.

That’s it: Let’s Go To Next Chapter

So, I am sure you got enough motivation to kick start blogging. In the next chapter, I will tell you how you can actually make money with a blog. Yes, before starting other chapters, I thought to showcase you the earning potential and earning opportunities from a blog. This will motivate you further and you can then focus better. So, let’s go to next chapter of this free blogging course.

This is the first chapter of the Free Blogging Course, where I am explaining why you must start a blog in 2021 and utilize your free time to create a passive income source.

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