35+ Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs in 2022 (How To Promote Hosting Affiliate Effectively))

Santanu // Updated June 17, 2022  

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links that may provide us with a small commission at no cost to you. This is helping us to create free content to help you and manage the running cost of this blog. Thank you for your support.

Among all the affiliate programs, I earn big with web hosting affiliate programs only. In fact not only me, almost every blogger makes huge money by promoting web hosting plans. In this post I will be sharing a massive list of popular Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs for 2022 so that you can also start making money in 2021.

Remember one thing, web hosting niche is the highest paying affiliate programs but this is one of the most competitive niche as well. Before sharing the list, let me mention few of my favorite web hosting affiliate programs and how much commission you can earn by promoting them.

HostingCommission RangeJoining Link
Bluehost$65-$140/SaleJoin Here
A2 Hosting$55-$125/SaleJoin Here
Hostgator$65-$125Join Here
WPEngine$200Join Here
Rocket.netearn $150 per referralJoin Here
Cloudways$50-$125Join Here
WPX$70-$100Join Here
DreamHost$150 – $250 Per SaleJoin Here

Let me also share few of my affiliate income screenshots as well, so that you can understand how much I have earned by promoting web hosting affiliate programs. I am sharing this just to motivate you that one can actually make money form affiliate marketing and that’s the proof.

Why You Should Promote Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate marketing has become very popular now a days. Although there are multiple ways to make money from a blog and Google AdSense is the most popular method. But I always feel that making money promoting affiliate products has more potential to make huge money. Now, let me tell you why you should promote web hosting affiliate programs besides other programs that you promote.

1. Huge Demand For Websites

We are in 2021 and we can see how the demand of websites are increasing. As all physical businesses are gradually coming online, many people are starting their own Startups online and also starting blogging as full-time profession. In all case, the demand for website is increasing as this is the only identity online. And now every website need a web hosting plan to host the files. So just imagine how big is the market. So, in whatever niche or category you are working, you can start promoting the web hosting plan you are using and recommend people to buy that using your affiliate link.

2. Huge Commission Rates

I have shared my Bluehost Income Report above. You can easily see that I am making a huge income for every sale. Not only that I also earned $200//sale by promoting WPEngine Affiliate Program. That means, whatever hosting you are using for your blog you can easily promote and earn that big commissions. You can also negotiate for special commission rate any promotional techniques to increase affiliate sale. E.g. if you buy Hostinger using my affiliate link and then use Hostinger Coupon Code BLOGGINGGYAAN then you will get extra 7% discount. This is the negotiation I have done with them so that I can provide all my readers an additional discount.

3. It works with Any Niche

Now this is the best part. Whatever niche your website is, you can actually promote web hosting affiliate programs. E.g. even if you run a parenting niche website, you can easily write a tutorial on how to start a parenting blog on WordPress and on that article you can mention about the website setup, buying hosting etc and provide your affiliate link as well. So, it is actually easy to promote web hosting affiliate programs as your website is hosted on some hosting plan only.

So, I believe it’s enough now to understand that why you should start promoting web hosting affiliate programs using your blog. Now lets move forward and explore the list of best web hosting affiliate programs for internet markets in 2021. I have prepared a list of Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals for 2021 to promote upcoming Black Friday Cyber Monday Offers.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of my favorite web hosting affiliate programs and I just love their tracking system, payment schedule etc. As this is why a affiliate program gains the trust. Promoting Bluehost is very easy as they are one of the #1 WordPress recommended hosting providers and I am also using Bluehost for many of my websites. That’s why I can easily share my honest opinion about Bluehost with my readers.

  • Commission Rate: $65 Per Sale
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Days
  • Sign Up Page: Click Here

Here I am talking about Bluehost USA. If you want to promote Bluehost India Affiliate program then you have to JOIN Impact.com first and then join Bluehost India Affiliate Program. Remember one thing, if someone click your BLUEHOST USA link and buy hosting from Bluehost India then you will not earn commissions. And this also work the vice versa as well. So, make sure to join both if you want to promote both.

2. HostGator

HostGator affiliate program is another popular web hosting affiliate programs where you can easily make good amount of money. Based on number of referral you can make big money using this affiliate program. You have to join HostGator affiliate program using Impact.com platform only. The part is you can request for Custom HostGator Coupon Code to increase your web hosting sale.

  • Commission Rate: $65 – $125 Per Sale
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Days
  • Sign Up Page: Click Here

3. WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the most selling popular Managed WordPress hosting providers. You can join WP Engine web hosting affiliate program using ShareASale platform. Yes, you should have access to ShareASale and then only you can join their program. The best part of WP Engine is that they purchased StudioPress recently and offer all their themes free of cost when someone buy WP Engine hosting. So you can easily promote WP Engine Affiliate program.

  • Commission Rate: $200 or 100% of first month payment for WP Engine & Genesis Pro sales and 35% of StudioPress Theme sales.
  • Cookie Duration: 180 Days
  • Join the WP Engine Affiliate Program

4. Kinsta

Kinsta has one of the friendliest affiliate programs. They’re definitely one of the best hosting providers in the world. I’ve been using them for a long time and have never had any problems. Kinsta offers powerful managed WordPress hosting. Earn up to $500 for every referral + 10% monthly recurring lifetime commissions!

  • Commission Rate: You earn $50 to $500 after every signup based on the type of plan you refer.
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Days
  • Join the Affiliate Program

A churn rate under 4% tells a lot. Once customers come to Kinsta, they rarely leave. And remember that you can earn commissions over the lifetime of their stay!

5. Squarespace

Squarespace empowers millions of people to create an impactful and easy-to-manage online presence. Earn commission by helping your audience share their passions with the world. As an affiliate partner, you’re eligible to earn payouts for every website or commerce subscription that you drive from a first-time Squarespace customer. 

  • Commission Rate: $ 100 to $ 200 Per Sale
  • Cookie Duration: 45 Days
  • Sign Up Page: Click Here

6. Cloudways

Cloudways is a very popular cloud hosting providers in 2021. If you have little more budget to spend, then you can try CLoudways hosting as it will definitely improve your website performance. Regarding their affiliate program, get high commission instantly on every customer you refer. The more you refer the more you earn. Earn a passive income of $169.40/mo for the lifetime of your users with our industry beating churn rate of under 3%

  • Commission Rate: Up to $125
  • Cookie Duration: 90 Days
  • Sign Up Page: Click Here

7. Hostinger

Hostinger is another popular web hosting platform that can offer affiliates up to $150 per sale on a tiered pricing structure. Hostinger is one of the widely used web hosting company that’s trusted by 29+ million people worldwide.

  • Commission rate: 60%
  • Cookie length: 30 days
  • Primary Payment Method: PayPal 
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $100
  • Sign Up Page: Click Here

8. Webnode

Webnode is a remarkably simple tool that lets you create a website for free with no technical skills needed. ou will receive $100 for every first purchase of a Premium Plan done by referred user. All types of Premium Plans are included regardless of their cost or value. Just imagine, a customer buys 3 plans – you earn $300!

  • Commission Rate: $100 Per Sale
  • Cookie Duration: 90 Days
  • Sign Up Page: Click Here

9. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is an American internet domain registrar and web hosting company. As part of the affiliate program, get 10%-15% commission. For one-time sales, you’ll get a 10 to 15% commission, depending on the product that your referral has opted for. If the person has opted for a hosting plan and they’ve never had one before, you will get a $100 bonus. 

  • Choose from a wide selection of banner and text ads that fit your site.
  • No cost or minimum purchases — you have nothing to lose.
  • Earn competitive commission through your affiliate link.
  • Sign Up Page: Click Here

10. DreamHost

DreamHost has no limits on how much you can make. Just last year we had some top earners make over $9,000 in affiliate payouts. Since 1997 DreamHost has helped bloggers, web designers, and entrepreneurs across the world bring their dreams to life on the Internet. Join the DreamHost Affiliate Program to get cash quickly. Earn up to $200 per referral!

  • Commission Rate: $150 – $250 Per Sale
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Days
  • Sign Up Now: Click Here

11. A2 Hosting

Earn Up To $125/New Customer! Second Tier Commission: $5/New Customer (Sub-Referral). A2 Hosting is all about speed. In fact, they claim to be up to 20x faster than their competitors, boasting that their customers get 1-second load times.

Sell more. Earn more. You earn more for every sale based on the amount of sales you deliver each month.

  • 1-10 sales: $55/sale
  • 11-15 sales: $75/sale
  • 16-20 sales: $100/sale
  • 21+ sales: $125/sale (21 X $125=$2625!)

Click Here To Join Now.

12. Media Temple

Join Media Temple’s Affiliate Program and earn cash for each qualified purchase you send our way. The more traffic and orders you generate, the more you earn. Media Temple provides reliable web hosting and cloud hosting at a premium service level. Perfect for developers, web designers and content creators.

  • Each tracking cookie lasts 45 days.
  • The waiting period on commissions is 45 days.
  • Your monthly payouts are sent via CJ Affiliate.

Click Here To Join Now

13. Flywheel

Flywheel pays out 300% of the first month’s payment on any plan, up to $500 per referral source. If your customer uses a promotional code or coupon, payouts are adjusted accordingly. If you refer a friend and they buy several plans from us, you earn payouts on all of those referrals, up to $500 for that source.

Flywheel pays out referral commissions the first week of each calendar month, after a brief holding period of 90 days. All payments are made via PayPal to the address provided when you sign up! At this time, we do not have any alternatives for PayPal, but hope to have one soon.

Click Here To Join Now

14. Blubrry

Commission is equivalent to the plan they (customer) purchased. If they used your promo code on March 5 and we receive automated payments on April 5 and May 5, you’ll earn commission on May 6. If a customer purchases the $40 hosting plan, then you earn $40, plus a potential annual bonus. Affiliates are paid out every other month, as long you’ve reached our minimum of $50 per pay period.

  • Commission Rate: $40 Per Lead
  • Sign Up Now: Click Here

15. HostingRaja

Earn upto Rs.10,000/- as a signup bonus. Based on popularity of your website the signup bonus varies. If your website is generating more than 500 visits per day for a month then your signup bonus can be upto Rs.10,000. HostingRaja affiliate team determine the signup bonus amount based on number visitor + Amount of business given.

Commission TypePay-Per-Sale 10% for each sale you deliver.
Signup Bonus1,000.00 INR – Just for signing up!
(Sign up bonus increased up to 10,000 for popular websites)
Payout Requirements2,000.00 INR – Minimum balance required for payout.
Payout DurationPayments are made once per month, for the previous month.

16. Namecheap

Since 2000, Namecheap has been building a reputation as the web’s finest provider of domain registration, SSL and web hosting services. Not to mention our top-notch product support and guarantee. You earn commission every time a new customer makes their first purchase with Namecheap after clicking your link.

  • Commission Rate: 35% Per Sale
  • How To Join: Impact.com, Commission Junction, ShareASale
  • Sign Up Now: Click Here

17. Buzzsprout

With Buzzsprout’s affiliate program, you can earn $25 for every paid account you refer to Buzzsprout. Every person you refer to Buzzsprout will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card, so they’re incentivized to use your link! 

  • Commission Rate: Varies
  • Cookie Duration: Lifetime
  • Sign Up Page: Click Here

18. GreenGeeks

The GreenGeeks web hosting affiliate program is one of the most rewarding & highest paying affiliate programs available on the Internet today. Join over 15,000 affiliates and help promote one of the fastest growing web hosting brands on the Internet. GreenGeeks, an eco-friendly, secure web hosting platform, allows you to earn up to $100 per sale. They have a tiered program that pays generously.

1 sale …. $50 /sale
2 sales ….. $60 /sale
3 sales …. $70 /sale
4 sales …. $80 /sale
5 sales …. $90 /sale
6+ sales …. $100 /sale
10+ sales …. Custom Rate.

Click Here To Join Now

19. GlowHost

Glowhost commission rate is 10% and up to $125 for each sign-up with a cookie duration of 90 days. That means, after your site visitor clicks on your link, even if it takes them up to 90 days to order services, you still will receive commission for the sale! It’s that simple.

The $100 bonus which is paid on your 10th sale and the $500 bonus which is paid on your 25th sale are the total number of sales in the lifetime of your affiliate account. If it takes you one month or one year, you never have to worry about the bonus count being reset.

Click Here To Join Now

20. WooCart

WooCart is the only hosting that specializes in WooCommerce. Earn up to 30% Lifetime Commissions for All Your Referrals. Sending referrals to WooCart is like having your own hosting – only without the hassle of server management and support. Customers you send will earn you up to 30% lifetime commissions.

You can earn commission rate from 20% – 30% per sale. The tracking cookie is valid for 30 days. This means that visitors that you refer to WooCart will earn you a commission even if they convert four weeks later!

Click To Sign Up Now

21. FatCow

Fatcow standard commission payout is $65.00 for every customer you refer who buys our signature FatCow shared web hosting plan or VPS hosting plan. For every qualified dedicated hosting plan you refer, you’ll earn $65.00. For a limited time, we’re also offering a commission rate of $25/sale for each customer you refer who buys our $9.00 “Cheap Sheep” plan. It doesn’t include all the features of the full FatCow plan, but it’s great for customers that don’t need all the bells and whistles. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our affiliate team directly at 855-732-2154.

ProductYour FatCow Affiliate
Program Commission (USD)
Limited Time Only
$9 “Cheap Sheep” Plan
Shared Hosting$65.00
VPS Hosting$65.00
Dedicated Hosting$65.00

22. Nestify

Nestify affiliate software accurately tracks each referral you make and applies the commission to your account. Simply fill out a form telling us about you and we’ll create your affiliate account instantly.

  • $50 Signup Bonus: Get a head-start on your earnings with $50 signup bonus when your application is approved.
  • Recurring commissions: Earn monthly recurring commissions for each customer you refer to Nestify.
  • Convenient Payouts: Withdraw your earnings via Paypal or Stripe anywhere in the world.

Click Here To Join Now

23. Pressidium

The Pressidium® affiliate program requires an application and acceptance to participate. We screen for high quality sites, reputable partners, and those who are relevant to our business. Their reward scheme is performance-based and offers substantial payouts:

  • Up-to $600 commission for each sale! (see per plan commission scheme below)
  • Additional Bonuses for progressive sales volumes
  • Earn $50 even for our entry-level micro plan

Minimum Commissions per Sale

PlanPersonalProfessionalBusinessBusiness Plus

* $50 commission paid on our entry-level micro plan

Additional Bonuses based on Sales Volume

Sales / moAt 5 SalesAt 10 SalesAt 25 SalesAt 40 SalesAt 60 Sales

24. WPX Hosting

WPX is a managed WordPress hosting company that is known for its outstanding performance. Get up to $100 per lead! WPX Hosting does have an Affiliate Program and all current WPX users are automatically added as Affiliates!

The WPX Affiliate Commission rate is as follows:

  • 1 → 25 referrals earns you $70 per sale,
  • 26 → 100 referrals earns you $85 per sale,
  • 101+ referrals earns you $100 per sale!

Click Here To Sign Up Now

25. Liquid Web

With Liquid Web affiliate, you earn cash for referring new customers to Liquid Web. You’ll have access to a library of banner ads and links to promote Liquid Web’s products, and when someone orders through your link, you’ll get paid! Earn $150+ per sale.

Earn 150% of sales with a $150 minimum

Managed WordPress$150 – $2,000
Managed WooCommerce$150 – $3,000
VPS Hosting$150 – $300
Dedicated Hosting$150 – $7,000
Cloud Hosting$150 – $5,000

Click Here To Sign Up Now

26. SiteGround

SiteGround offer great commissions, but most of their affiliates endorse us for a different reason: the quality of service. If you want to recommend a host that won’t fail your customers, readers, or friends, join our affiliate program now! Founded in 2004, SiteGround is a web hosting company. Get $50-$125 per sale with weekly payouts, with just a short 30-day withholding period.

  • 1-5 Sales /mo $50 /sale
  • 6-10 Sales /mo $75 /sale
  • 11-20 Sales /mo $100 /sale
  • 21+ Sales /mo Custom Commissions

Click Here To Join Now

27. HostNOC

Reliable, responsive, and fast, Host NOC is a name to contend with when it comes to offering cost-efficient and pocket-friendly web hosting, server management, and DDoS protection services needed to maintain the most successful, uninterrupted and seamless Internet presence for businesses. Our affiliate program offers industry-leading resources, support, and commission, ensuring a higher payout for all our affiliates.

Earn $50 initially and $75.00 for the VPS hosting plan. For every qualified Host NOC dedicated hosting plan, you send our way, you’ll earn $100!

Click Here To Join Now

28. RoseHosting

Earn a $50 Bonus for referring 10 or more orders to RoseHosting in any given month! Earn a $300 Bonus for referring 30 or more orders to RoseHosting in any given month! RoseHosting has been providing quality VPS hosting services since 2001. Affiliates get 50% per sale, plus 10% recurring monthly.

If you refer 30 clients in a month on our SSD 2 VPS Plan, at $49.95 per month: $300 Bonus
Your monthly recurring commission = 15% of $1498.50 = $224.78 per month
A TOTAL of $524.78 in the first month

Click Here To Join Now

29. BionicWP

BionicWP offers white-labeled WordPress support for unlimited edits for as little as $25 per site. They tout their speed and support.

  • You will earn $100 if you bring someone to BionicWP and they sign up as a paying customer
  • We understand users might not convert right away, that’s why we provide 60-day tracking to ensure you get credited for the sale.
  • Your earnings are paid in a 90-day conversion window.
  • You can see your affiliate commission in the platform. Under “Account”, click on “Affiliate”
  • On your affiliate page you will see your affiliate link and your total commissions. We send commissions via PayPal

Click Here To Join Now

30. Rocket.Net

Refer WordPress users to Rocket and earn $150 per referral! We’ve learned from running several successful affiliate programs over the past 17 years and provide our affiliates with exactly what we know works. If you refer more than 20 customers a month to Rocket, we will be happy to discuss a higher payout per referral.

  • Free to Join
  • 60-day Cookie Lifetime
  • No minimum balance
  • Custom Coupons

Click Here To Join Now

31. InMotion Hosting

The InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission on your referrals that purchase web hosting products. Using your unique affiliate link assigned to you by InMotion Hosting, you can track your referrals, payouts, and more from a central dashboard using Impact Radius. InMotion Hosting aims to provide fast, reliable and affordable hosting through Linux and Unix operating systems, with everything monitored 24/7.

  • $50 per sale
  • Monthly Payouts
  • Affiliate Referral Bonus
  • High converting products and services

Click Here To Sign Up Now

32. iPage

iPage has been a host for over 2 decades. Because iPage’s servers operate on wind power, customers can put an environmentally-friendly badge on their sites. Qualified Shared, WordPress, Website Builder, and VPS hosting accounts receive a $65 commission on annual plans only. Dedicated hosting accounts receive a $150 commission on annual plans only.

  • 1-5 sales$65/sale*
  • 6-10 sales$75/sale*
  • 11-20 sales$100/sale*
  • 21+ sales$125/sale*

Click Here To Sign Up Now

33. Scala Hosting

Get shared, WordPress, or managed cloud hosting with Scala. They claim to have the cheapest managed VPS hosting plans in the world. You can earn up to $200 for a single transaction as low as $9.95. That’s what makes ScalaHosting affiliate program the highest payout scheme in the hosting industry available today. ScalaHosting has an industry-leading product, customer satisfaction (99%+), AND commission. Get paid up to $200 for every sale you make!

WEB HOSTING1 TO 56 TO 1011 TO 2021+

34. Accu Web Hosting

AccuWebHosting.Com is pleased to offer our valued clients a high rewarding Flat Rate Affiliate Program with a multi-layer commission. In our affiliate program, you get up to $200 commission for each signup. Also, with our new module, you will get an additional commission for every visitor you send to our website even though they don’t purchase plans/products. No gimmicks, no tricks. You don’t also need to be an AccuWebHosting customer to sign up for our Affiliate Program!


1 to 10 new signup / Month$25 USD / Signup
11 to 20 new signup / Month$40 USD / Signup
21 to 30 new signup / Month$50 USD / Signup
31+ new signup / Month$65 USD / Signup


1 to 10 new signup / Month$35 USD / Signup
11 to 20 new signup / Month$50 USD / Signup
21 to 30 new signup / Month$75 USD / Signup
31+ new signup / Month$100 USD / Signup


1 to 10 new signup / Month$50 USD / Signup
11 to 30 new signup / Month$75 USD / Signup
31 to 100 new signup / Month$100 USD / Signup
100+ new signup / Month$125 USD / Signup


1 to 10 new signup / Month$100 USD / Signup
11 to 20 new signup / Month$125 USD / Signup
21 to 30 new signup / Month$150 USD / Signup
31+ new signup / Month$200 USD / Signup

Click Here To Sign Up Now

35. WebHostingPad

WebHostingPad doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to their basic marketing pitch, “…quality hosting but at affordable prices”. Sign up for the WebHostingPad Affiliate Program to gain access to your affiliate dashboard, tracking link, and creatives.

  • 100% free to sign up and start earning
  • automated tracking & commission dashboard
  • advertise on social media or email newsletters
  • premade banner ads & custom promo codes

Click Here To Sign Up Now

FAQs About Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

What is the highest paid web hosting affiliate program?

There are many hosting affiliate programs I have listed in this post. You might have noticed that for entry level every hosting companies at low commission. But when you start giving more sales you can earn more commissions.

How do I promote my hosting affiliate?

You can start a blog or YouTube channel and then start talking about web hosting programs by creating reviews, tutorials, comparison and at the same time mention your web hosting affiliate links as well.

How much does it cost to start affiliate marketing website?

It will take hardly $40-$50 per year to setup a affiliate website. Buy cheap hosting from Hostinger with a free domain name and simply create a website like this. You can use any premium theme like GeneratePress or Affiliate Booster.

Conclusion: Which hosting is best for affiliate marketing?

So, you can clearly see the opportunity to make money in this web hosting niche. It is good to start promoting any of these web hosting affiliate programs and start making money from your blog. But this niche is very much competitive, so the traditional blogging or strategy may not work. But still I believe this is a very good category to start affiliate marketing.

Do you think I have covered all the high-paying web hosting affiliate programs in this list? In case I have missed out any of them or you want to add further then please write a comment below and share about that. Thanks for reading and sharing this article.

Lastly, One Request ....

My humble request to you is that, please share this article on social platforms. We put a lot of hard work to create the content for you so that you can learn everything for free. Your one share will always motivate us and encourage us to create more content to help you. Thank you for showing all your love and trust towards my effort.


I love to write about blogging tips, affiliate marketing guide & tutorials on WordPress, SEO, Speed optimization etc on this website to help beginners to create a professional blog for making money online.

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