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7 Best WordPress Theme Builders of 2022: Create A Website Super Fast!

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links that may provide us with a small commission at no cost to you. This is helping us to create free content to help you and manage the running cost of this blog. Thank you for your support.

Looking for the Best WordPress theme builder for 2022?

In 2022, with a good WordPress theme builder, one can easily create a website in just a few minutes. Yes, I said it right. Just look at this website. I have created this entire website with the help of one of the Thrive Themes Builder. Want to find out more about it? Keep reading!

Gone are the days when you need to hire a developer and pay a huge amount of money to create a stunning website. In 2022, there are many WordPress website creators or WordPress theme builder tools with which one can easily make a website/blog in just a few clicks. And that also without knowing any coding skills.

That’s why I love these theme builders or page builders tools which are very powerful and come with a ton of ready-to-use templates, custom blocks & elements, etc. So that one can just use those drag & drop elements and design a website on WordPress without any problem at all.

I will also share the differences between a page builder & a theme builder, but before that let me cover the best theme builders available for WordPress to create a website in 2022.

best wordpress theme builders
Best WordPress Theme Builders of 2022

Quick List Of Best WordPress Theme Builders For Bloggers [SUMMARY]

Before using a theme builder, I have used many amazing fast-loading WordPress themes, but they alone are not enough to create a visually appealing website. I need to install an additional page-builder plugin to add extra design elements.

But when I found these popular builders, I never looked back.

Now, let’s get into the best WordPress theme builders in 2022.

  1. Thrive Theme Builder: $97/site for 1 year
  2. Elementor Pro: $49/site for 1 year
  3. Divi Builder: $89/year
  4. Beaver Builder: $99/Unlimited sites for 1 year
  5. Oxygen Builder
  6. Brizy Builder

My recommendation would be Thrive Theme Builder among all, as I am personally using that on this website. Besides that, I have also shared a lot of information & social proofs for all products so that you can pick the right theme builder for your WordPress website.

List of Top 7 WordPress Theme Builders of 2022

1. Thrive Theme Builder (Best for Beginners)

thrive theme builder
Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Theme Builder is a top-class visual drag and drop theme editor for WordPress that allows users to create the structure and layout for their site within a short span of time. It helps users to create and customize their header, footer, page layout, blog post templates, sidebar, and category pages. 

I have listed this as the #1 Best WordPress Theme Builders for 2022 because right now I am using that on this website and I can proudly say that I took the right decision for my website. It’s so easy to design the entire website with plenty of ready-to-use materials as per my own preference.

I know many people will prefer Elementor Pro over Thrive Theme Builder. According to me, both are amazing theme builders for WordPress. Although you can create even more attractive website with Elementor Pro, but I found Thrive Builder very simple & easy to use as per my requirement. You can consider Thrive Theme Builder as the #1 Elementor alternative.

Besides that, I also want to say that Thrive Themes Support is seriously awesome. Whatever issues I faced during creating this website, I just contacted them and they always helped me to fix that issue. Their suggestions are very helpful and the technical team is really skillful.

thrive theme builder reviews
thrive theme builder reviews

Key Features Of Thrive Builder

  • It comes with a Branding section through which users can set the light or dark logo as per their choice.
  • It comes with a drag-and-drop interface so users can easily customize their site without any coding experience.
  • It allows front-end editing, so users will instantly see whatever changes they make to their website.
  • It flawlessly integrates with several third-party apps and tools like MailChimp, Mandrill, Webinarjam, WordPress, etc.  
  • With the help of the Thrive Theme Builder, users will be able to create mobile-optimized themes.   
  • Thrive Theme Builder comes with Smart Colour Technology.
Best WordPress Theme Builders 2022

Thrive Theme Builder Pricing

The Thrive Theme Builder costs $97 for a single site. Furthermore, users can also purchase Thrive Theme Builder as part of the Thrive Suite ( aka Thrive Themes membership), which costs $99/quarterly when paid annually. Or you can pay $299 every year. I have purchased, both Thrive, Theme Builder, + Thrive Architect combo which is a must for 100% design control on your website.

thrive theme builder pricing
thrive theme builder pricing
  • Thrive Suite: Get full access to our entire suite of integrated plugins (including Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect) at one great price. Build and grow your dream online business with a complete set of conversion-focused tools. It will cost you $299/yr Only.
  • Thrive Theme Builder: Get a standalone copy of the only, fully customizable theme for WordPress. Build and customize your header, footer, blog post templates, sidebar, page layout, category pages, search pages, 404s, and MORE. It will cost you $97/yr Only.
  • Thrive Theme Builder & Thrive Architect: The ultimate visual building combo — ZERO coding required! Use Thrive Theme Builder to fully customize your WordPress theme and Thrive Architect to build any landing page or sales funnel you need to grow your business. It will cost you $167/yr Only.

They generally don’t provide any discounts or offers on their products. If you are searching for Thrive Suite discount, then keep a track of Thrive Suite Black Friday sale 2022, when you can expect some freebies on the purchase of any of their products of Thrive Suite subscription.

2. Elementor Pro (Best for 100% Flexibility)

elementor pro
Elementor Pro

I know many people will not agree as I kept Elementor Pro as the #2 in this list of Best WordPress Theme Builders for 2022. I would say, both Elementor & Thrive Builder is awesome products, whereas Elementor is more suitable for developers who are good at designing. But for an individual blogger, I found Thrive Theme Builder is very simple to use compared to Elementor.

Elementor Pro is a popular WordPress plug-in that can be used to add a drag and drop page builder to a website, no matter what theme users are using. Without any doubt Elementor is the #1 choice as Thrive Theme Builder alternative.

Right now, Elementor has launched its own cloud hosting solutions. So you can buy Elementor website builder + hosting or Elementor website creator individually also.

elementor cloud sale
elementor cloud sale

Key Features Of Elementor

  • Elementor Pro offers professional templates and blocks.
  • It allows users to visually design forms and eventually helps to integrate them seamlessly.
  • Elementor Pro theme builder allows users to customize every section of the theme.
  • It offers several essential widgets.
  • It flawlessly integrates with the WooCommerce plug-in so users can easily set up an online store.
  • Elementor Pro offers more than 600 Google Fonts.

Elementor Pricing

elementor reviews
elementor reviews

Elementor Pro offers three pricing plans, including the Personal Plan ($49), Business Plan ($99), and Unlimited Plan ($199). All these plans have limitations on a number of websites. Right now you can check out the Elementor Sale 2022 going on their website builder + cloud hosting combo. For more discounts, keep a track of the Elementor Black Friday sale 2022.

3. Divi Builder From Elegant Themes

divi builder
divi builder

Divi Builder is a popular visual drag-and-drop page builder plug-in developed by Elegant themes. It comes with both front-end and back-end editing features. Users can easily include essential elements within their site without using a single line of code as it offers a drag-and-drop interface.   

Elegant Themes is one of the most popular & most-selling WordPress Theme Packages for developers. They are in the WordPress theme market from a log time and created many awesome themes. Divi Theme is their award winning product which has delivered amazing performance with great features with great price.

elegant themes online reviews
elegant themes online reviews

Key Features Of Divi Builder

  • Divi builder comes with more than 46 content modules, which helps users create attractive web pages. 
  • It comes with an inline text editing feature.
  • It comes with WYSIWYG visual editor, which helps to create custom page designs.
  • Divi Builder comes with Wireframe mode for providing a clear overview of page structure.
  • It helps to create custom theme templates.

Divi Pricing

divi pricing review
divi pricing review

In order to avail of the Divi Builder, users need to purchase the yearly license plan of Divi by investing $89/year. Furthermore, to utilize the Divi Builder, users can also buy the Divi’s Lifetime license Plan by investing $249. For more discounts, keep a track of Divi Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2022.

4. Beaver Builder

beaver builder
Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a straightforward drag-and-drop page builder plug-in through which users can build custom posts and pages by dragging and dropping elements onto a canvas. 

Key Features Of Beaver Builder

  • It allows front-end editing, which means that users will instantly see all the changes they make within their website.
  • This WordPress page builder works flawlessly with every popular theme.
  • Users can easily make changes to their website without any coding experience as it comes with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • It comes with more than 50 ready-made page templates.
  • Webpages that are built using Beaver Builder are SEO-friendly and mobile responsive.
  • The Beaver Builder flawlessly integrates with the WooCommerce plug-in so users can easily set up an online store.

Beaver Builder Pricing

Beaver Builder offers three different pricing plans, including the Standard Plan ($99), the Pro Plan ($199), and the Agency Plan ($399). For more discounts, keep a track of the Beaver Builder Black Friday Sale 2021.

5. Oxygen Builder

oxygen builder
Oxygen Builder

Oxygen Builder is a popular WordPress plug-in that comes with drag-and-drop functionality. This WordPress builder helps to build stylish WordPress themes from scratch without any coding experience. It is a perfect choice for experienced programmers and web designers.

Although I kept this one in this list, but for a beginner I don’t think this is very useful. Most of the WordPress theme builders of this list has drag & drop interface which actually makes the work very easy even for a beginner. But in case of Oxygen builder, it is not the same.

Key Features Of Oxygen Builder

  • It flawlessly integrates with the WooCommerce plug-in so users can easily set up an online store on their website.
  • With the help of the Oxygen builder, users can easily create custom forms or blocks.
  • Oxygen builder helps users to eliminate various unnecessary scripts and styles, which usually load by default.
  • Oxygen Builder is CDN-friendly.
  • It helps to build SEO-friendly websites.
  • This WordPress builder comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee policy.

Oxygen Builder Pricing

Oxygen Builder comes with three pricing plans, which include the Basic Plan ($99), the WooCommerce Plan($149), and the Agency Plan ($169). For more discounts keep a track of Oxygen Builder Black Friday Sale 2021.

6. Brizy Pro 

brizy builder
Brizy Builder

Brizy Pro is a fairly new WordPress page builder that comes with a straightforward user interface. As the days are passing by, it is becoming more and more popular because it helps to create modern and attractive web pages. 

Key Features Of Brizy Builder

  • Brizy Pro offers an A/B testing feature due to which users can improve conversions without using any expensive software.
  • This WordPress builder helps to create custom headers and footers.
  • It comes with the Cloud Autosave feature, so all the data get saved within the cloud automatically.
  • Brizy Pro helps to build mobile-responsive web pages so users can easily view their webpages from any device irrespective of its screen’s shape and size.
  • It offers a drag-and-drop interface so users can create web pages without having any coding experience.
  • Brizy Pro provides more than 4000 icons and over 150 pre-made blocks.
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

Brizy Builder Pricing

Brizy Pro comes with three different pricing plans, including the Personal Plan, Studio Plan, and Lifetime Plan. The Personal Plan and the Studio Plan cost $49/year and $99/year, respectively. On the other hand, the Lifetime Plan costs $299.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a theme builder?

Theme Builders are unique types of plug-ins that help create attractive websites either by using pre-made templates or by using a customized template as per the user’s choice. 

Do users need a page builder for WordPress?

Yes, page builder plug-ins are essential for any WordPress website as it is used to build attractive web pages. Page builders also offer drag and drop functionality to any website, and hence users can easily manage their website without any coding experience.

Which is the best theme builder for Newbies?

I would recommend Thrive Theme Builder to anyone who is new to website design. This tool is installing a theme & plugin on WordPress. The interface is quite simple and it is seriously easy to setup the entire website with Thrive Theme Builder.

Can users use Divi Builder with other themes?

Yes, Divi Builder is compatible with all WordPress themes. So if users want to utilize Divi Builder with any other themes, they can install the Divi Builder plug-in on the selected theme itself, and it will work flawlessly on that website. 

Theme Builder Vs Page Builder: What’s The Difference?

A page builder is a drag and drop system which is used to create pages and posts. It can also be used to change the layout of a web page.

On the other hand, a theme builder provides customization options related to the selected themes like the header or footer colors, fonts, sidebars, etc.  With a theme builder’s help, users can easily edit their website’s look and sometimes can even choose different layout styles. 

Conclusion: Which Is the Overall Best Theme Builder for “Most” People?

If you are planning to use a Theme Builder for your WordPress website then you need to understand a few things before you finalize your WordPress Theme Builder.

  • For New Site: Now if you are starting a website from scratch then you can start with Thrive Theme Builder, Divi builder, and Oxygen as they come up with their own theme and it will not disturb your existing website.
  • Existing Website: If you want to change your website then better to pick Elementor Pro or Beaver Builder as they will work like a page builder and will not impact your entire website. In fact, they will force you to change your website theme like Thrive Theme Builder which comes with a default theme ShapeShift.
  • The Complexity: I found Oxygen builder is quite complex and Brizy lacks many features. So, understand every theme builder and then only pick the best.

As a beginner, if you want to create a website for blogging or affiliate marketing then I will say pick any of these 3 theme builders: Thrive Theme Builder, Elementor PRO, or Divi Builder. They are very popular and widely used and very easy to use also.

Lastly, One Request ....

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