In this article I will be sharing 7 blogging tips for new bloggers so that they can actually become a blogger in coming days. Starting a blog in 2021 is not at all big deal and we may hardly 10-15 minutes to setup a blog on WordPress.

But the real challenge is to keep the blog growing, planning the content and then getting quality traffic. Most of us get into blogging to start making money. But this is not an easy task as you need a website with targeted traffic to start making money with a blog. And that’s what you have to understand first.

I started blogging back in 2009-2010. And it’s been more than 11 years so far and I am still learning and failed with many blogs even recently. And reason behind that is Blogging is continuously evolving, you need to keep learning as things are getting changed.

But I have to agree that this is the best way I have discovered in my life to earn a decent income every month besides my regular job. Yes, I’m a software professional working for an MNC. And you can also do the same when you follow this blogging tips as a new blogger.

7 Blogging Tips Every New Blogger Must Follow in 2021

I know that you will even find 100+ blogging tips available online. But I believe that at least try to implement few of them, before getting after a mammoth list of 100+ blogging tips for new bloggers. And these are few of my learning that I have experience and those methods worked for me in my blogging journey.

So, let get started with my blogging tips to grow your blog in 2021 or you can also say 7 Blogging Tips By Santanu Debnath.

1. Choose The Topic As Per Your Expertise

This is a very crucial & very first step where most of us give less important. In my blogging journey, I tried almost every single ever green niches and created blogs around that. Ever green niches are like the categories which are linked with our daily life and we can’t avoid them. E.g. personal finance, travelling, Cooking & Food, Life & Health etc.

We all have certain experiences or expertise on these areas as we all handle them in our life. But that doesn’t mean you can start a blog on every niche. The key thing here you need to think is that how long you can talk & write on that topic?

And that’s the actual category on which you must start a blog. After trying many blogging niches, I realized that my strength & skill is on this Blogging & WordPress category where I can share my knowledge, tutorials & experience of how to become a blogger & create a successful blog.

If you want to create a blog just for making money on a profitable niche, then that’s a different discussion. Again, as a beginner I will say better to learn the core skills of blogging first and then start creating multiple blogs. And for that you need to have patience and control on your excitements. πŸ™‚

2. Invest In Blogging From Day 1

Yes, this is another biggest learning in my blogging career. I spend my initial 2-3 years after free blogging platforms, trying for various free staffs to create & run a blog. But it was a complete waste of time as all free staffs has their own limitations and you will never allow yourself to take risk & try new things.

So, in 2021 I would like to say to all new bloggers that start a blog like you are setting a shop in your nearest market. Think the blog as your business or your STARTUP and then invest after all basic things to create a professionally looking blog.

People think that it is very much expensive to start a blog on WordPress. But reality is completely different. Technology has evolved so much that you can easily create a professionally looking website on self-hosted WordPress by spending a very little amount of money. First of all, let me tell you where exactly you need to spend money to set up a blog on WordPress.

  • A Good WordPress Hosting
  • Premium WordPress Theme
  • Plugins or Tools

I would say for 1 year if you are ready to spend only Rs 2000-3000 Only (I know we spend even more money to get a good dinner buffet in Barbeque Nation. πŸ™‚ ) then you can create a professionally looking blog in just few minutes.

Don’t scared to spend money for a purpose, as it’s not spending. I would call it as investment for your blogging career. We simply spend so much on our every life for food, entertainment etc and when it comes to invest for a business we simply can’t do that. But we want to earn money without a single investment, seriously!!

Well, be smart and be practical. Just manage to spend around Rs 2000 – 3000 so that you can buy a good hosting plan, domain name & a quality theme to setup your blog. I am using multiple hosting companies and after using them for years I would recommend Hosting for new bloggers. The reason is they are quite cheap enough to start and you will get almost everything what you need as a beginner.

And for all my readers, I have a special Hostinger Promo Code: BLOGGINGGYAAN (Use This Link) with which you will get even extra discount. So, don’t hesitate to invest for blogging, in fact this small investment will give you a massive return in just 1 year if you have a solid blogging plan. If you want more discounts on various blogging tools, then check out this page where I have listed the best Blogging Deals.

3. Learn To Write Content in Simpler Language

Next blogging tips for new bloggers is on content writing. I know that technology has advanced like anything and we have AI based content writing tools which can write amazing content for blogs.

Seriously, do you really think that AI based content can touch human emotions? Well, there are separate types of blogs where you can use these content and play around with what people are searching online. This blogging tip is only for those bloggers who want to write something from their experiences, want to share their emotions & thoughts through a blog post.

E.g. In this website I share content written by myself only. In fact you will understand which are my writing and which I wrote with the help of content writers. I mostly use content writer for my affiliate articles or list based articles sometimes, that also I always rewrite/modify them in my writing style. But for this kind of topics, I only write from my own experience as I want to share my thoughts to connect with you.

See, if you start using content writer or any AI based content writing tool to create content then don’t call yourself as a blogger. What I believe is that a blogger is the person who is very good at writing content with his/her emotions, experience so that they can educate & share their experiences to the audience.

Off course, after that you can create 100+ blogs using Ai Based content writing tools or hiring a content writer where the target is to making money or getting tons of traffic by targeting some keywords. That’s fine, but you also should know how to write a content that can solve people’s problem by own.

So, don’t just run after creating blogs to make money. I tried the same many times and trust me I hardly get any success in most of the cases. In fact I got success only for what people discovered the skill in myself. I got appreciated for all the articles I wrote on my blogs and got very good feedback & comments.

So, the point here is don’t just create a blog for dumping content. I did this many times and I don’t want you to do the same. Just start writing content from your heart and learn the skill of content writing. Have a main blog where you will write content by own and then you can experiment on other blogs with tool based content writing, if you think you can manage multiple blogs as a beginner.

4. Read Similar Blogs, Learn SEO & Case Studies

My 4th Blogging Tip for new bloggers is to read a lot. Yes, read as much as you can so that you can learn what people are writing, how people are writing. All tops blogs who are successful are famous because of their content only.

They know how to write a content, how to structure the content and provide information so that a reader can get engaged and never leave the content. I also do the same thing and created a list of popular blogs in Blogging category and always read their content.

In fact if you follow a certain category blogs or follow your favorite bloggers in your niche, then gradually it will build a similar mindset in that category. And that’s what you need as after that only you can write amazing content what all readers are looking on that category.

Another benefit of reading similar blog is to understand how exactly they are structuring their content as that might be ranking on top of Google search. SEO or search engine optimization is a very important skill and I always read SEO case studies & related articles to understand how exactly things worked for that blogger.

There are many topics to learn to grow a blog and few of the key topics are.

  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • On-page optimization
  • Link building
  • Site audits and more

You can’t be a good writer overnight. The more you read, the more you learn and gradually you will learn the art of content writing that people love to read.

5. Connect With Other Bloggers

This is another crucial blogging tip for new bloggers. As a Blogger we mostly spend our times doing a lot of research on keywords, backlink etc. But we hardly connect with any blogger in person. And that’s one of the biggest mistakes in blogging.

Building network / relationships is very important in any business. Just compare the same with your social life, If you don’t have any friend or any social interaction then you will be left alone. There is nothin harm, but it is not that easy grow alone.

Another fact I have experienced is that, when you get connected with many bloggers, your knowledge will grow more, you will stay updated from their updates as well. And there will be many healthy discussions in various communities where you can took part with them and exchange knowledge.

Anyway, the ultimate point is not only to make friends to get advantage, rather make real friends who also have similar interest in blogging or your blogging category. This way you will always get motivated to continue your blogging and gradually you can create a community which will help each other and grow together. E.g. I have started a Facebook Group in 2018 which has more than 30,000 members or I would say bloggers.

6. Create Your Own Community

Now this is another very important blogging tip for new blogger. These days you just can’t rely on traffic from Google. In fact a s anew blogger, you will find it a mammoth task to rank your articles on Google and get organic traffic.

Rather than that you can start working on creating your own community and create your own audience. This is not that difficult actually. Just create accounts on various social media platforms like Facebook page, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. And share your blog post in every platform.

Social media platforms are very popular these days as most people spend hours on those platforms. Now you can bring all the traffic from all these different platforms and ask them join either your Facebook Group or Telegram Channel Or YouTube Channel Or Create an email List.

This way you will be having your own audience who love to read your content. And whenever your next content will go live, they will read that content again and you will get readers even if your article is not ranked in Google. If people find that article useful, they will share on their social media platform and that will bring new audience. And it will go on.

7. Be Patient And Keep Doing

This is my last Blogging Tip for this article and it is one of the most important one. If you think you will get overnight success in blogging or start generating $1000 from day 1 then sorry my friend, this is not at all your place.

I know there are plenty of videos available on YouTube where you might have watched that how a XYZ persona is making $$$$$$$ from Blogging in just few days. Don’t misunderstood those videos. Even of those videos are correct, it took years for them to make money online and that exactly you also need.

So, the point here is that, you have to be patient and give enough time to your blog to grow. If you work hard and work on right niche then only you will be able to make money blogging. So be smart & have patience, you will definitely become a successful blogger in coming days. But it will take time.

More Blogging Tips By Expert Bloggers

These are few of the blogging tips that I wanted to share you. After that I thought to ask my FB Group friends to share few more Blogging Tips from their experiences so that we can make this article worthy for readers. Here are the answers.

8. Blogging Tips By Nishant Nanda

As a beginner it is important to focus more on content writing. Because the more you write good quality content, the you will be able to connect with readers & other bloggers as well. SEO is something for which you need a lot of content and then time as well. As soon as one is good at content writing, then they can easily start implementing SEO tactics and start getting more good results from their content.

9. Blogging Tips By Santosh Gairola

Make your article more readable by breaking it into multiple pieces. Breaking an article into sub-headings is a great way to present your article efficiently. You can also add the listing formula for article writing. It helps users to easily consume the information. There is no need to add extra words in your article to make it lengthy. Just try to deliver more value in your limited word count article. One last thing that I would like to add here. Avoid the practice of keyword stuffing and focus more on using Latent semantics in your entire article, make it more useful by adding infographics, videos, audio, book reference, and images. Let the reader get valuable information as soon as possible. Google knows about the quality signal when your reader gets benefits from your content.

10. Blogging Tips By Jasmeet Singh

There are currently around 600 million blogs on the internet and this means pretty much any and every topic has been covered by multiple blogs. Now to make your blog stand out you need to share your experience / perspective as that is something personal to and this is what will give your blog the personality it needs. Apart from this it will also help you build a community of like minded individuals like yourself which will further help in aiding the growth.

11. Blogging Tips By Subhabrata Kasyapi

Build a Funnel with Your Blog. Do you want consistent traffic (and money) come to your blog for years? If yes, then you should master the art of funnel building. Funnel is a well defined audience roadmap throughout your blog.

Funnel can help you to:

  • Generate leads.
  • Sell products.
  • Build reputation.
  • Ask feedbacks and Lots more.

Although funnel building may involve some complex techniques and expensive tools, but you can start your blog just by creating an email capturing form and/ landing page related to your blog.

12. Blogging Tips By Jiten Patil

Do not depend only on search engine for traffic, as in beginning it takes time to get free organic traffic to your blog. Start exploring new ways to get traffic to your blog & see which platform is working well for you. Along with blog also start making videos related to your topic. You can create your own YouTube channel. And start repurposing your content on various social media platforms to attract more visitors to your blog.

13. Blogging Tips By Shubha Tiwari

Treat your blog like your business- you need to invest first, if you want to earn. Invest your time and money as you invest in your business. Don’t expect much from the beginning. Enjoy the process, this enjoyment will pay you in future.

14. Blogging Tips By Naveen Kumar

Be Consistent – The biggest rule you need to follow if you want to get success in blogging. Doesn’t matter if you are posting one article a week or 5 articles a week, you need to stick to the schedule and you need to keep the count regular. If you are posting on 1 article in a week, pick a day, for example, Monday, post on every Monday. This will help you to attract more loyal readers as they will be waiting for the whole week to read your content as they know that you are going to publish on every Monday.

Write for Reader – Do not write for search engine. Write for the your readers. Just put yourself on the place of your reader and see if you are looking for the same thing, and you land on your article, will you read it or you will just go through the headlines. Will you be satisfied with the solution? If you are not able convince yourself with your article, don’t publish it. So just write for readers, solve their problems and make your readers happy. Readers will start loving you and Google will also have Crush on you.

15. Blogging Tips By Atanu Das

Growing a new blog is very similar to growing a plant. You can’t expect fruits from a plant until it grows and become matured. In the similar way, you can’t expect revenue from a new born blog until it grows. So keep investing your time and strategy to grow your blog and then expect revenue. Good luck!

16. Blogging Tips By Sayem Ibn Kashem

Blogging can help you to turn your passion into a profession. Before starting with your passion you have to make sure that your passion is a profitable one. If your passion is not going to solve others’ problems, it’s not going to be profitable for you. You can easily figure that out using Google Trends. Simply enter the field of your interest in Google Trends and if it shows downward that means your audience is losing interest in that particular area. But if it’s going upward, you can go with that niche. You are not done yet! You will also have to know how competitive your niche is. And for knowing that you have to learn keyword research. I am sure my friend Santanu has some amazing articles on Keyword research!

17. Blogging Tips By Venkat Randa

Repurposing blog content– Now a days video content is increasing and most people are interested to consume the video content. You can convert your blog content into videos and can upload to YouTube. You can include your blog articles in the description, so that you can drive traffic to the blog. You can repurpose blog content into Instagram carousels and LinkedIn posts and can drive traffic back to the blog. You can also post interested lines on Twitter. In this way you can repurpose your blog content and drive extra traffic to your blog.

Batch Production and Scheduling: You can produce more content for social media (repurposing blog articles) at one take and you can schedule this content on different social media.

18. Blogging Tips By Arghya Das

Use content marketing. When it comes to blogging in 2021, strategic content marketing forms the foundation of your success. Statistics say that the content marketing industry is worth more than $412 billion in 2021 and will scale up more in the future. Simply producing and publishing content wont work in 2021. With the production of the right content at the right time stimulating interest in the right product with a pretty next level content promotion strategy is what works in 2021. Content production and promotion – both should be equally valued.

19. Blogging Tips By Amol Chavan

Mix your Monetization Strategy: As a new blogger one should not just depends and try single monetization strategy. Affiliate marketing is booming and everyone out there is trying, but are you neglecting other monetization strategy. As famous quotes states, “Don’t put all the egg in one basket” So don’t just depends on affiliate marketing. Try mix monetization along with affiliate marketing like Selling information products ( e.g. eBook), Google AdSense, Consulting or service business, Sponsorship, Selling Online Courses. After some day you will get to know which monetization strategy is working for you. So this is perfect time to scale that method and run Blogging as real business.

20. Blogging Tips By Chayan Chakrabarti

Find The Hidden Opportunities In Your Niche: Imagine a new blogger has started a blog on mobile reviews and he is planning to get a few affiliate brands approval. Now in his niche , all blogs are covering a generic review with phones features and specs. If he tries to repeat the same, it would take more than usual time to build an authority. Because there are many sites , who are already talking about the same . In this case he can probably go for list articles with different phone options, write a comparison article between a few phones or compare a specific features like camera of two phones. This will help him to grab many eyeballs and eventually the blog will grow.

21. Blogging Tips By Mahmudul Hasan

Don’t Strive for Perfection – If you’re writing a blog, don’t obsess over perfection! It’s fine to make mistakes. Personally, I often edit my post even after I post it. But it won’t be long before I stop because this means your content will lag behind. If there are still errors, I’m sure others will let you know. The important thing is that you understand that making mistakes is natural and that they don’t mean you’re an imperfect blogger.

That’s It, now your turn

So, do you find these blogging tips for new blogger interesting & useful? I could have added few more and make this even a bigger but I thought why not provide only 7 effective Blogging tips which actually worked for me. And that’s why I have shared these few blogging tips which I am sure will help you to plan your blogging career in 2021.

Feel free to write a comment below, share your thoughts, suggestions & feedback about these blogging tips for new bloggers in 2021. Thank you for reading & sharing this article.

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