Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Worth It 2022?

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Do you need domain privacy protection on Bluehost? In this article I will explain what is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection and whether you need it or not.

When you purchase a domain, either through a domain registrar or a hosting provider like Bluehost, you are required to provide some basic contact details, including address, email address, and phone number.

bluehost domain privacy protection review
bluehost domain privacy protection review

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, popularly known as ICANN, is an American non-profit organization responsible for maintaining and coordinating IP addresses and domain names on the internet.  

In other words, your domain registrar or hosting provider will submit your contact details to ICANN for successful domain registration. These details will then be freely available on the WHOIS database, which is a free searchable database accredited to ICANN. 

This means that scammers, identity thieves, and hackers can easily access the contact details you have submitted to your registrar. A simple solution to avoid this is purchasing Domain Privacy Protection with your Bluehost hosting plan.

But is it necessary to buy this add-on? Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection worth it? Read this post to find out.  

What is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection?

Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection is an add-on that you can purchase for protecting your personal contact information on the WHOIS database. It is a public database for registered domains. Anyone can use this database for searching your domain name and accessing your contact details. 

While some hosting providers and domain registrars offer this domain protection feature for free, most others charge an additional fee for the same. Bluehost belongs to the latter category. 

While it offers a domain name for free for a year, when you purchase a hosting plan, you will have to additionally purchase the domain protection feature. It is an effective way to mask your personal details on the WHOIS database to ensure that nobody could access these details to get in touch with you or use your personal details in any unauthorized manner. 

In some of the more expensive plans, this add-on is available for free. If you are concerned about the safety of your contact information, Domain Privacy Protection is a must-have add-on. 

How Does It Work (Domain Privacy Protection)?

When you purchase and enable Domain Privacy Protection, your personal contact information on the WHOIS database will be replaced by the generic contact details of Bluehost. 

The add-on provides you with additional control over the visibility of your contact details. With domain protection activated, you take a significant step towards keeping your details, such as address, contact number, and email address, protected from public view. 

Do I Need Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection
Do I Need Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection

None of the scammers, identity thieves, or even your competitors wanting to know the domains you own would be able to access your personal details on the WHOIS database with this add-on. Apart from the safety of your website, it is essential to also take care of the private details that you share on the internet. 

As it is necessary to share your contact details with the domain registrar or hosting provider and ICANN, this add-on will ensure that it is at least protected from the public view on the WHOIS database. Whether you are starting a new website or already running one, you can purchase this add-on with a Bluehost hosting plan for added protection. 

Do I Need Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection in 2022?

While Domain Privacy Protection is not an absolute must for everyone, it is highly recommended. If you don’t want anyone to access your personal contact details, it’d be wise to invest in this add-on. Some of the top benefits of purchasing Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection add-on are as follows-

  • Protecting yourself from junk emails and spam
  • Identity theft prevention
  • Reduce unwanted postal mails and telephone calls
  • Avoid malware and SEO blacklisting
  • Prevent your competitors from knowing the domains you own
  • Protection against fraudulent domain transfers
  • SMS updates for changes that affect your domain

It is also worth noting that some of the TLDs (Top-Level Domains) like .uk, .ca, .us, etc., do not allow the use of such domain protection tools. 

If you own one of these TLDs, you will mostly not be able to use the Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection add-on. So, do confirm the same with Bluehost if you are planning to purchase this add-on and own one such TLD. If you are yet to register a new domain, see if you can avoid using such TLDs if you are concerned about the safety of your personal contact details. 

Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Price 2022

Apart from being very useful, the Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection add-on is also highly affordable. While purchasing a hosting plan, you can add this tool to your shopping cart for only $11.88/year, which converts into $0.99/month. 

A feature as critical as domain protection for only $0.99/month makes it a must-have add-on, especially if you are serious about building a website that you’d like to monetize in the future. Even if you are creating or already running a business website or an online store, it makes a lot of sense to invest in this add-on. 

bluehost domain privacy protection price
bluehost domain privacy protection price

Once purchased, you can easily enable it by logging into your Bluehost Control Panel. In case if you do not have a domain registered with Bluehost, you can first transfer the domain name to Bluehost and then purchase this add-on. 

Can I Get Domain Privacy Protection for Free from Bluehost?

Yes, you can get Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection for free as well. As mentioned above, this add-on is available for free with some of the more expensive hosting plans from Bluehost. For instance, if you want to purchase Bluehost’s shared hosting plan, Domain Privacy Protection is available as a paid add-on in the Basic and Plus plans. 

Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Worth It
Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Worth It

However, if you select Choice Plus or Pro plan, you can get this add-on for free. If you are interested in WordPress hosting from Bluehost, the Domain Privacy Protection add-on is available for free in the Choice Plus plan. 

So, if you are not looking for a hosting plan with only the basic features, one of the more expensive Bluehost hosting plans could be the right choice for your website. 

The inclusion of Domain Privacy Protection and some other paid add-ons, like Free Daily Website Backup, Microsoft Office Email for 30 Days, and Spam Experts, make these plans highly affordable as you won’t be required to pay any additional charges for these crucial add-ons.  

Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Worth It?

Should you invest in the Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection add-on? Definitely yes, if you are concerned about the safety of your personal contact details. You’d never want fraudsters or identity thieves to get their hands on these critical details, which they can use to reach out to you or for masterminding something unethical or unlawful. 

With this highly affordable add-on, your contact details will be replaced with generic contact details  of Bluehost for complete protection. While there are a few hosting providers that offer this feature for free with their hosting plans, the plans offered by Bluehost are cheaper than most and come with better features and resources. 

If you are planning to register a domain and your domain registrar is offering domain protection for free, you will still need to purchase a hosting plan. Not to forget that Bluehost offers free domain name registration for a year with all of its hosting plans. So, in this case as well, purchasing a hosting plan from Bluehost with Domain Privacy Protection will mostly prove cheaper and more valuable.   

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