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Bluehost Email Hosting Price, Plans 2022 (Review & Comparison)

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Bluehost Email hosting is a great way to add a professional touch to your business. While most people think of email hosting as an unnecessary expense, the power and flexibility of professional hosting will add more security and convenience to how you manage your business emails. 

Bluehost Email Hosting Pricing Review
Bluehost Email Hosting Pricing Review

With most top hosting providers, including Bluehost, you get the basic email hosting service for free. While this can be completely alright when running a small blog, business owners can lose customers and credibility by using something as generic as xyz@gmail.com. 

In comparison, info@yourbusiness.com sounds a lot more professional. And with hosting experts always available for assistance, email hosting easily becomes a critical component for every successful online business. 

Bluehost offers multiple email hosting plans to help you make the most of your business emails. In this post, we’ll have a detailed look at the email hosting plans offered by Bluehost, their pricing, and whether you should consider purchasing them. So, let us begin-

Bluehost Email Hosting review
Bluehost Email Hosting review

Bluehost Email Hosting (Microsoft 365) Price and Features

Bluehost offers three different Microsoft 365-powered email hosting plans. All the plans come with Microsoft Outlook web access, an intuitive management dashboard, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and automatic Microsoft updates. 

It is great to see that the plans are coupled with productivity tools from Microsoft so that you can better manage the day-to-day functioning of your business.  There are also communication and collaboration tools available so that you can always stay in touch with your team members and work together towards growing your business and website. 

Bluehost Microsoft Office 365 Email Hosting Pricing
Bluehost Microsoft Office 365 Email Hosting Pricing

Here is a quick overview of all the plans available-

  • Email Essentials

The Email Essentials plan is priced at $4.99/month per license. It comes with all the basic features to help you manage your professional email account. With this plan, you get features such as one mailbox and calendar, 15GB storage, domain name email, 24×7 technical support, and outlook web access. 

As one of the most reputed web hosts, Bluehost is also known to offer the best in security. Your email hosting account will enjoy the same level of world-class security. And with disaster recovery protection, you can rest assured that all your important emails will stand protected even in case of an unexpected problem. 

  • Business Plus

If you are already running a growing business and have team members spread across locations, you should check out the Business Plus plan. It is priced at $9.99/month per license. Apart from the basic features of the Email Essentials plan, you get 50GB storage, 1TB cloud storage, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Online, and Sharepoint. 

With the rising popularity of remote working and video conferencing, these additional features are sure to add more flexibility to your team communication. If you have used these tools in the past, you might already know that the free version comes with limited features. With the Business Plus plan from Bluehost, you can unlock the paid features to better collaborate with your team. 

  • Business Pro

The Business Pro plan is perfect for full-fledged businesses. Priced at $14.99/month per license, the plan comes with a number of additional features to help you better schedule and plan your days. It comes with all the features of the Business Plan, including 50GB email storage, 1TB cloud storage, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Microsoft 365 (online and offline). 

Bluehost Microsoft Office 365 review
Bluehost Microsoft Office 365 review

Other features include multiple devices per user, Mile IQ, Microsoft Lists and Forms, appointment bookings, and Access, Publisher desktop version account. As businesses are going digital and abundantly relying on online tools and software solutions, the Business Pro plan provides access to several great tools to help you run your website and business with more efficiency and improved productivity. 

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How to Create a New Bluehost Email Account with its Web Hosting Plan?

Bluehost has made the entire process of creating a new email account with their email hosting plan quick and straightforward. After completing the purchase, you can instantly create your domain email account and start receiving and sending emails. 

Bluehost Email Hosting
Bluehost Email Hosting

Check out the steps you can follow for creating your new Bluehost email account with the hosting plan-

  • Once you’ve purchased an email hosting plan, log into your Bluehost Control Panel
  • Click on the navigation menu on the left side of your screen and look for the “Email & Office” tab
  • If you’ve successfully purchased a Bluehost email hosting plan, you should be able to see the name of your plan here
  • Now, click on the “Manage” button next to the plan name
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you can find the “Create Email” button
  • Enter your details for creating your professional email account
  • In plans where you are allowed to create multiple email accounts, you can also choose the amount of storage that each account should have

Once the email account is created, you can easily check its details by clicking on the “Email Accounts” tab. You can also search email accounts by email addresses, domain names, or usernames if you have multiple email accounts. 

To delete an account, click on the “Manage” button next to the email account you’d like to delete. Scroll down, and you will see the “Delete Email Account” option. Click on this button and confirm your choice to delete an account. 

Bluehost Email Hosting Pros & Cons: Do You Really Need This?

Is Bluehost email hosting right for you? Knowing the top pros and cons can help you make the decision. Here are the pros and cons for Bluehost’s email hosting services-


  • Useful Microsoft tools included in every plan
  • Account management is fairly straightforward
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24×7 technical assistance can come in handy for new users
  • World-class security to protect your professional emails
  • Transparent pricing with multiple plans to choose from
  • 30-days money-back guarantee with every plan 


  • Plans are not the cheapest among the top email hosting providers
  • Some users have mentioned that the emails load slowly at times, especially when the email volumes are very high
FREE Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox with Bluehost hosting
FREE Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox with Bluehost hosting

Is Bluehost Email Hosting Service Worth It?

Using a free email that you get with your hosting plan is completely alright when you are just starting a website or online business. You shouldn’t find it difficult to manage your email account if you only receive 10-20 emails in a day. But things change significantly when you are running a successful business or a website visited by hundreds and thousands of people daily. 

You might receive hundreds of emails per day, and you will mostly run out of storage as most popular email providers, including Gmail, offer limited storage. In cases like these, it is always better to switch to a professional email hosting service like the one offered by Bluehost. 

Even if you are just starting a website or business, having a professional email address with your domain name instantly adds more credibility to your brand. In comparison to a generic email, it will be easier to build a positive reputation with a professional domain email address. 

Bluehost also offers several productivity tools with email hosting plans to help you and your team with the day-to-day operations. If you are looking for a way to better manage your professional email account with professional assistance available 24×7, Bluehost email hosting plans are definitely worth considering. 

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