DreamHost Summer Sale 2022: Flat 79% Off + Free Domain

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Every year DreamHost comes up with various coupons and discounts on all its hosting services during the summer months and on different occasions. DreamHost Summer Sale is one such occasion when the company offers huge discounts on all their hosting services.   

In this informative article, we will discuss about the DreamHost Summer Sale offers, which they are providing at the moment. Moreover, we will highlight some of the key features of DreamHost, for which it is rated as one of the best web hosting companies.     

Finally, we will show the readers how to apply the coupon codes while purchasing the DreamHost products at a discounted price during the Summer Sale.

What is DreamHost Summer Sale? 

Like the previous years, currently, DreamHost is offering huge discounts on all its hosting services, which users can avail for purchasing the DreamHost products at a discounted price. During this year’s Summer Sale, DreamHost will offer up to 67% off on its hosting services and up to 92% off on the domains.

The company has given the Summer Sale offer on the 1st of July and will last till the 31st of July, so users planning to avail of the offer should act fast since very few days are left. However, users should remember that the Summer Sale offers are only available on the 1-year or 3-year plans.   

Why should users buy DreamHost services?

This section will highlight the key features of DreamHost that helps it to rank among the very best hosting companies. Usually, there are several exciting features, but here we will mention the most popular ones.

  1. Free site migration

DreamHost provides site migration for free, so users can effortlessly transfer their website from their previous host to DreamHost without investing a single penny. DreamHost also claims that their agents execute the site migration process on raising a query with no downtime.

However, the free site migration feature is only for WordPress sites, so if a user uses some other CMS like Wix or Weebly, they need to pay a one-time fee of $99 for transferring their website from the previous host to DreamHost.

  1. Fast SSD storage drives

DreamHost comes with fast SSD storage drives, so all websites that use DreamHost hosting services load within a flash since SSD storage drives are 20 times faster than the old HDDs. Due to the SSDs, visitors can scroll through the website without lag and won’t get caught up in unnecessary wait times.      

  1. Free SSL certificate

DreamHost, like other top-rated hosting providers, comes with free SSL certificates, an encryption protocol that utilises up to 256-bit data encryption to convert all shared data into impenetrable codes so that hackers cannot track the actual data.

SSL certificates thus increase the security of all websites and restrict hackers from retrieving the data that users share on their websites. A website with an SSL certificate is indicated by HTTPS instead of HTTP. 

  1. 99.99% uptime guarantee

DreamHost’s most important feature is its high uptime guarantee rate. This exceptional company offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is excellent value and considered almost perfect since, ideally 100% uptime guarantee is impossible. 

  1. Money-Back Guarantee Policy

DreamHost offers 97 days of money-back guarantee policy, which is an excellent feature since no other web host gives such a long period of money-back guarantee policy. So, users can easily test their features for a considerable time before deciding to go for their service or not.

However, if users are unsatisfied with the performance, they can give up the service within 97 days of their first purchase to get back the entire invested amount. This exceptional company will return the invested amount without asking a single question.

  1. Drag and drop website builder

DreamHost offers a free drag-and-drop website builder using which users can effortlessly create top-quality websites without applying coding knowledge. Users only need to drag and drop the modules as per their preference and eventually create an attractive website.

DreamHost Summer Sale Pricing

Shared Web Hosting (up to 79% off)

DreamHost offers two Shared Web Hosting pricing plans, including the Shared Starter Plan and the Shared Ultimate Plan. The Shared Starter Plan costs $2.95/month when purchased for a one-year term during the Summer Sale, whereas the Shared Ultimate Plan is available at $2.95/month. 

During the Summer Sale, users will save 63% on the Shared Starter Plan and 79% on the Shared Ultimate Plan.

WordPress Hosting Plans (up to 79% off)

DreamHost provides two different WordPress Hosting pricing plans, including the WordPress Starter Plan and the WordPress Unlimited Plan. The WordPress Starter Plan costs $2.95/month when purchased for a one-year term during the Summer Sale, whereas the WordPress Unlimited Plan costs $2.95/month. 

Like the Shared Web Hosting service, DreamHost, during the Summer Sale, will give the users a 63% discount on the WordPress Starter Plan and 79% off on the WordPress Unlimited Plan.

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans (up to 11% off)

DreamHost has two dedicated Server Hosting plans, including the Standard Plan and the Enhanced Plan. When the Standard Plan is purchased on a yearly basis, users will get 11% off on the actual price during the Summer sale, and it will cost $149/month.

On the other hand, the Enhanced Plan comes with a 6% discount when purchased yearly and will cost $279/month.

How to claim DreamHost Summer Sale Discount

  1. First and foremost, users need to go to DreamHost’s official website and eventually need to select the preferred hosting service as per their requirements.
  1. After selecting the hosting service, users need to choose the most appropriate pricing plan and click on the “Sign Up Now” button.
  1. In this step, users need to either register a new domain name or add an existing one if they already have a domain name.
  1. After completing the previous step successfully, users will be directed to the “Secure Checkout” page, where they need to enter their payment details and personal information. 
  1. Finally, after filling up all details, users need to click on the “Submit Order” button to purchase the DreamHost hosting services at a discounted price.

Therefore, users can effortlessly purchase DreamHost’s services at a discounted price during the Summer Sale 2022 by executing the abovementioned steps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does DreamHost help its customers?

Whenever users encounter an issue, they can directly contact the customer support agents either via live chat or email. Users can also take help from DreamHost’s extensive documentation section, which contains video tutorials, how-to guides, troubleshooting guides, and helpful FAQs.

How does DreamHost accept payments?

DreamHost accepts payment through PayPal, Cheque, and Money Order. Moreover, users can also pay through all popular Credit Cards and Debit Cards like American Express Card, Visa Card, and MasterCard.

Does DreamHost offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, unlike some other top-rated hosting companies, DreamHost does not offer a free trial. However, as mentioned earlier, it comes with a 97-day money-back guarantee policy, allowing users to get a full refund within 97 days if they are unsatisfied with the product.

Conclusion: Is DreamHost Summer Sale Worth To Buy Hosting?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, we have given detailed information regarding the DreamHost Summer Sale 2022. All readers should thoroughly go through this article and avail of the DreamHost Summer Sale 2022 discounts fast, as this offer will last for a limited period.

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