Hostinger Cyber Monday Sale 2022 [Coming Soon]: Up To 88% Discount on Best Hosting

Santanu // Updated June 29, 2022  

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When is Hostinger Cyber Monday Sale 2022? Well, you have to wait for a while to get the best Hostinger Web Hosting deals of the year. If you have missed Hostinger Black Friday Sale 2022, then you have the last chance to save huge on web hosting bill this year. So, make sure to bookmark this article and keep a track of upcoming Hostinger Cyber Monday Discount.

Hostinger offers huge discounts throughout the year, due to which users generally prefer Hostinger over other hosting services. In this article, we will discuss about the Hostinger Summer Sale, during which Hostinger gives exciting offers and discounts every year.

Is Hostinger Cyber Monday Sale Right TIme To Buy A Web Hosting Plan?

While discussing about the Hostinger Cyber Monday Sale, we will also highlight the main features of Hostinger, its pricing structure, and we will also show the most straightforward method to apply the Hostinger Cyber Monday Coupon code.

Hostinger has plenty of of amazing features to attract a new blogger at an affordable price tag. So, let’s first find out what are the few premium features that will help you to decide whether to buy during Hostinger Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2022. Remember, this is your last chance to get the maximum discount on Hostinger Web Hosting Plans.

  • Hostinger offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  • It comes with unlimited subdomains and unlimited email accounts.
  • This hosting provider comes with a drag-and-drop website builder.
  • Hostinger offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited SSD disk space.
  • It comes with a one-click WordPress installation feature.
  • It offers free weekly and daily data backups.
  • All Hostinger pricing plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.
  • It comes with an extensive knowledgebase that contains hundreds of tutorials and FAQs.
  • Hostinger offers a 24/7 customer support facility.

Don’t forget, they are one of the top 10 web hosting companies in India 2021.

What Is Hostinger Cyber Monday Deal 2022?

During the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2021, Hostinger will offer an 80% discount on its web hosting services. Moreover, users will also get a free domain name along with the features which are mentioned above. But in case you have missed out their 2022 Black Friday Web Hosting Offer, then you will get another chance to get the similar discount on Hostinger. The Hostinger Cyber Monday Pricing will be as follows.

PlanRegularDealOffer Link
Single82%90%Claim Offer
Premium80%87%Claim Offer
Business78%85%Claim Offer

Now we will move into the next segment of this article, where we will show users how to avail the Hostinger’s Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale discount. Out of these plans, it’s better to go for the cheapest plan as a beginner.

How To GRAB Hostinger Cyber Monday Hosting Discount in 2022

So, if you have decided to grab this special Hostinger Pricing during Black Friday Sale 2021, then just follow the simple step by step guide below.

Step 1: Click This Link to activate Hostinger Cyber Monday Discount and you will navigate to the below page.

Step 2: On reaching the official website, users need to select an appropriate hosting service and eventually choose a pricing plan. As discussed already, Hostinger offer 3 different types of plans: Single, Business & Premium. Choose the right Hostinger plan to save maximum.

Step 3: After selecting an appropriate pricing plan, you need to choose the duration for which you want to buy hosting. In case you go for 48 months then you will get the maximum discount. It is advised to buy hosting at least for 2-3 years from popular hosting companies as you can save maximum. And they only provide discount on first time buyers. So, if you buy for 1 year, after 1 year you have to renew hosting with actual pricing only.

Step 5: Next, you will also get a Free Domain name with Hostinger Premium plan onward. You can avail that domain name and you will also get a Free SSL Certificate for your first domain on Hostinger. So, make sure to you grab those Offers from Hostinger.

Step 6: Hostinger offers various types of Payment modes. If you are buying Hostinger India Cyber Monday Sale or deals you can pick the payment methods available and pay your hosting bill.

Congrats, you have saved huge on your hosting expenses and now work dedicatedly on your blogging plan for 2022 onward. Yes, for next 4 years you don’t have to worry about renewal of hosting and quality of hosting. Just focus on creating high quality blogs to earn money online.

Types Of Hosting Plans Offered by Hostinger During Cyber Monday Sale 2022

Hostinger offers eight types of Hosting services, including Shared Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, cPanel Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Minecraft Hosting, CyberPanel VPS Hosting, and Windows VPS Hosting.

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting

Hostinger offers three different Shared Web Hosting plans, which include the Single Shared Hosting plan, Premium Shared Hosting plan, and Business Shared Hosting Plan. 

  1. Single Web Hosting – Ideal plan for one website owners and startups.
  2. Premium Web Hosting – Unlimited website hosting with, 1 Free Domain Name, 2X Power Processing and Daily Backup.
  3. Business Web Hosting – All Premium Plan features, Free SSL Certificates & 4X Processing Power.

During the Hostinger Cyber Monday Sale, the price of the Single Shared Hosting plan, Premium Shared Hosting plan, and the Business Shared Hosting plan are $0.99/month, $2.19/month, and $3.99/month, respectively. 

Hostinger Cloud Hosting

Hostinger comes with three Cloud Hosting plans, including Cloud Startup plan, Cloud Professional, and Cloud Global plan. 

During the Summer Sale, users will get the Cloud Startup plan, Clous Professional plan, and the Cloud Global plan at $9.99/month, $18.99/month, and $69.99/month, respectively.  

Hostinger WordPress Hosting

Hostinger offers four types of WordPress Hosting pricing plans which include the Single WordPress plan ($1.99/month), WordPress Starter plan ($2.99/month), Business WordPress plan ($7.99/month), and WordPress Pro plan ($11.59/month).

Hostinger cPanel Hosting 

Users will find two cPanel Hosting plans, including the cPanel Hosting Silver plan and the cPanel Hosting Gold plan. The cPanel Hosting Silver plan and the cPanel Hosting Gold plan cost $1.95/month and $3.25/month.

Hostinger VPS Hosting

Hostinger offers six VPS Hosting plans, including the VPS 1 plan ($3.95/month), VPS 2 plan ($8.95/month), VPS 3 plan ($12.95/month), VPS 4 plan ($15.95/month), VPS 5 plan ($23.95/month), and the VPS 6 plan ($38.99/month).

Hostinger Minecraft Hosting

Users will find five different Minecraft hosting plans, including the Alex Plan ($8.95/month), Villager plan ($12.95/month), Creeper plan ($15.95/month), Herobrine plan ($23.95/month), Enderman plan ($29.95/month).

Hostinger CyberPanel VPS Hosting

Hostinger offers six CyberPanel VPS Hosting plans, including the CyberPanel VPS 1 plan ($3.95/month), CyberPanel VPS 2 plan ($8.95/month), CyberPanel VPS 3 plan ($12.95/month), CyberPanel VPS 4 plan ($15.95/month), CyberPanel VPS 5 plan ($23.95/month), and the VPS 6 plan ($38.99/month).

Hostinger Windows VPS Hosting

Hostinger comes with four Windows VPS Hosting plans, including the Windows VPS 1 plan, Windows VPS 2 plan, Windows VPS 3 plan, and the Windows VPS 4 plan. 

The Windows VPS 1 and Windows VPS 2 plan price is $26/month and $62/month, respectively, while on the other hand, the Windows VPS 3 plan and the Windows VPS 4 plan cost $120/month and $250/month, respectively.

Does Hostinger offers a money-back guarantee policy?

All plans of Hostinger comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. Due to this reason, if users don’t like Hostinger’s services, they can give up the services within 30-days to get back the entire invested amount.

Does Hostinger offers a free domain name?

As mentioned earlier, during the Summer Sale, Hostinger will offer a free domain name with all its pricing plans. 

When this Hostinger Cyber Monday sale is starting?

Hostinger India Cyber Monday sale will be starting right after Black Friday on 2nd December 2021.

Conclusion: Is Hostinger Cyber Monday Deal 2022 Worth?

I am sure you found this Hostinger Black Friday Cyber Monday discount worth and buy at least for 3 years hosting. As this is the best time to buy and save a good amount of money. If you don’t find this offer exciting, then feel free check out these web hosting deals as well.

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have given detailed information regarding Hostinger Cyber Monday Sale 2022. All users who are thinking of using Hostinger during the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale must surely go through this article and eventually purchase Hostinger’s services at a discounted price.

Remember, many bloggers are using their services and without any doubt under budget hosting category, there is no alternative name other than Hostinger. So don’t waste this offer and make sure to buy Hosting from Hostinger during Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2022.

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