Hostinger Summer Sale 2022: Free Domain + Free SSL (SAVE 80%)

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Hostinger is a top-class hosting company that comes with various coupons and deals throughout the year. However, the most popular deals are the Summer Sale deals and Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. So, users should take these opportunities as it will allow them to purchase Hostinger’s services at a discounted price. 

Like every year, Hostinger’s Summer Sale is live, enabling any user to purchase the services at a maximum discount of 80%. In this article, we will discuss the key points regarding Hostinger’s Summer Sale and show users how to purchase Hostinger’s services at a discounted price during the Summer Sale.

What is Hostinger Summer Sale?

Every year, throughout July, Hostinger gives enormous discounts on their hosting services. Similarly, this year too, Hostinger is providing huge discounts on its hosting services throughout this month, enabling users to purchase the products at a discounted rate. 

As mentioned earlier, users can avail of this offer from the 1st of July, which will be live until the 31st of July. During Hostinger Summer Sale, apart from giving huge discounts on the hosting services, users will also get a free domain name, lifetime SSL, and DDoS protection.

Throughout July, users will get a maximum discount of 80% on the shared web hosting plans, 70% off on the Cloud Hosting plans, and 80% off on the WordPress Hosting plans. Finally, on the VPS Hosting service, users will get a maximum of 70% off.

Why should users buy Hostinger’s services?    

  1. SSD Storage Drives

Hostinger provides excellent page loading speed since it offers SSD storage drives instead of the old HDDs, which are extremely slow and load 20 times slower than the SSDs. Due to the SSDs, websites that use Hostinger’s hosting services do not lag, and users do not face unnecessary wait times.    

  1. Free SSL Certificates

Generally, Hostinger offers free SSL certificates for one year, but at the moment, i.e., during the Summer Sale, they are offering SSL certificates for a lifetime. 

Users should avail of this feature since an SSL certificate increases the security of a website by encoding all data that users share on their website.

SSL certificate is an encryption protocol that utilizes up to 256-bit data encryption to change all the data that users share on their website into an encoded form so that hackers cannot track the original data.

  1. Free Domain name

Often, several hosting companies do not offer a free domain name. Users either need to buy a domain name from the hosting company that is providing the hosting services or from any other domain registrar. 

However, Hostinger, during its Summer Sale, offers a free domain name due to which users only need to invest in the hosting services and do not have a spend a single penny to Hostinger or any other domain registrar to get a valid domain name.  

  1. 30-day Money-Back Guarantee Policy

Hostinger provides a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. Due to this feature, if users don’t like the services of Hostinger, they can give up its service within 30 days of their first purchase date to get back the entire invested amount without even needing to answer a single question. 

  1. One-Click WordPress Installation feature

Like other top-rated web hosting companies, Hostinger comes with a one-click WordPress installation feature. Due to this feature, users can effortlessly download WordPress and other CMS services on their website using the Softaculous app. 

  1. 24/7 customer support and extensive knowledgebase

Hostinger includes 24/7 customer support facilities, so whenever users encounter an issue, they can contact the support agents via email and live chat. Moreover, users can also refer to the extensive documentation section, which contains regularly updated helpful articles, FAQs, and video tutorials.   

Hostinger Summer Sale Pricing 2022 (Is It Worth)

Hostinger provides Shared Web Hosting, Cloud Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting services, and VPS Hosting services. This section will discuss the pricing structure of every hosting service during the Summer Sale.  

Shared Web Hosting

Hostinger has three Shared Web hosting plans which include Single Shared Hosting Plan, Premium Shared Hosting Plan, and Business Shared Hosting Plan. 

During the Summer Sale, users will get the Single Shared Hosting plan and Premium Shared Hosting plan at 80% discount and 75% discount, and they will cost $1.99/month and $2.99/month, respectively. On the other hand, the Business Shared Hosting Plan comes with a 67% discount, costing $4.99/month.  

Cloud Web Hosting

Hostinger comes with three Cloud Web Hosting plans, which include the Cloud Startup Plan, Cloud Professional Plan, and the Cloud Enterprise Plan. 

The Cloud Startup Plan and the Cloud Professional Plan come with a 66% discount and 70% discount during the Summer Sale, and they will cost $9.99/month and $14.99/month, respectively. Finally, the Cloud Enterprise Plan provides a 54% discount and is available at $29.99/month.     

WordPress Hosting     

Hostinger offers four different WordPress Hosting plans, including the Single WordPress Plan, WordPress Starter Plan,  Business WordPress Plan, and the WordPress Pro Plan. 

The Single WordPress Plan and the WordPress Starter Plan come with an 80% discount and 73% discount and is available at $1.99/month and $3.99/month, respectively. The Business WordPress Plan and the WordPress Pro Plan provide 59% discount & 60% discount and will cost $6.99/month and $11.59/month, respectively.    

VPS Hosting

Hostinger has eight VPS hosting plans, including the VPS 1 Plan, VPS 2 Plan, VPS 3 Plan, VPS 4 Plan, VPS 5 Plan, VPS 6 Plan, VPS 7 Plan, and VPS 8 Plan.

During the Summer Sale VPS 1 Plan, VPS 2 Plan, VPS 3 Plan, and VPS 4 Plan costs $3.49/month, $4.99/month, $7.99/month, and $9.99/month, respectively, whereas the VPS 5 Plan, VPS 6 Plan, VPS 7 Plan, and VPS 8 Plan cost $23.95/month, $38.99/month, $57.99/month, and $77.99/month, respectively.

How to claim Hostinger Summer Sale Discount 2022

  1. First and foremost, users need to go the Hostinger’s official website.
  2. On reaching the official website, users need to choose the preferred hosting services as per their requirements.
  3. After selecting the preferred hosting service, users need to choose their preferred pricing plan under the hosting service selected in the previous step. Finally, users need to click on the “Select” button to move to the next page.
  4. In this step, users need to select the time period for which they want to purchase the product. 

Note: The 48 months plan gives the maximum discount during the Summer Sale.

  1. After selecting the time period, users need to create their account and select the preferred payment method.
  2. Finally, users need to check all details and eventually click on the “Submit Secure Payment” button to purchase Hostinger’s hosting services at a discounted price.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hostinger provides free site migration?

Yes, Hostinger comes with a free site migration feature, due to which users can transfer their site from the previous host to Hostinger without investing a single penny. For transferring all data from the previous host to Hostinger, users only need to raise a ticket, and then the support agents will do all the work. Eventually, the support agents will transfer the data from the previous host to Hostinger.

What are the available payment methods at Hostinger?

Hostinger accepts payments through all popular Credit Cards and Debit Cards, including American Express Card, Visa Card, and MasterCard. Users can also pay through the eWallets like PayPal, GooglePay, and Apple Pay. 

Does Hostinger provide a free website builder?

Yes, Hostinger comes with a free drag-and-drop website builder that allows users to create top-quality websites without applying any coding knowledge. Users can only drag and drop the modules at the desired location and eventually build an attractive website. 

Conclusion: Is Hostinger Summer Sale 2022 Worth?

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have given detailed information regarding Hostinger Summer Sale 2022. So, readers should go through this informative article thoroughly and eventually purchase Hostinger’s services at a discounted price during the Summer Sale.  

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