How I Made My First Affiliate Sale [With Organic Traffic]

How I Made My First Affiliate Sale

Today I share How I made my first affiliate sale with organic traffic.

I got my first sale when I got daily 100 views on my website.

Yes, You heard right.

With just daily 100 views I got my first affiliate sale and in just one month I earn more then 1000$ with that affiliate.

But Don’t Worry!

I’ll tell you exact steps and strategies which I followed to Make My First Affiliate Sale.

About My Blogging Journey

I start blogging in 2011 but that time I have zero knowledge about SEO and copywriting so i made many mistakes. But day by day I learn SEO techniques and strategies and finally in 2019, I start my first successful blog.

That successful blog was a fitness blog and I earn more then 200 dollars every month with that blog by doing affiliate of supplement powders.

And after that I start a hosting review affiliate website which is now my main website. After starting that website I get my first affiliate sale with just 100 organic views and in just 1 month I generate more then 1000 dollar with that website by doing hosting affiliate.

In this complete case study, I talk about that hosting review website’s case study and affiliate marketing strategies I follow that will really help you.

How I Made My First Affiliate Sale

I know, you are excited to know what secret strategies that I followed to make my affiliate sale with very little and organic traffic?

Don’t worry! In this blog I’ll tell everything

But before we starting I show the prof of my first affiliate earning.

Screenshot of My First Affiliate Sale

As you can see in below image, I have made my first affiliate sale on 3rd June 2020 and after that day I got daily affiliate sales and in next 11 day I earn almost 900 dollars.

My First Affiliate Sale

And from June 3 to till now I earn thousands of dollars from that single affiliate program.

That means Affiliate Marketing Really Works!

So, are you ready?

Let’s dive in!

Strategies I Followed To Make My First Affiliate Sale

Here Guys I share all of my experience and strategies and super secret tips that I learn in previous years.

So read it carefully and implement all the strategies step by step to get your first affiliate sale.

1. Learn Copywriting

If you want to sell your affiliate products then you have to learn copywriting techniques. Because If you want to sell a product then you have to convince your readers to purchase that product and with basic writing its hard to convince your viewers to purchase your affiliate product.

So start learning Copywrite techniques now, there are thousands of free and good copywriting course available on the internet.

I don’t know what is copywriting till 2020. But when I know about this, I start learning and implement it on my websites and after implementing, I got my first sale and other benefits also.

2. Use Affiliate Links On Relevant Content

Always use your affiliate links on relevant contents only.

For Example, In a hosting review post use that hosting’s affiliate link to get high conversion rate. If you use irreverent affiliate link then it will not getting any sales.

So always try to use affiliate links on relevant content

3. Use Heat Maps

This is another technique that I follow to boost my affiliate earning. No other bloggers told you to use Heatmap websites.

Heat Maps services suggest the best place of websites where can I post affiliate banners to get attention from viewers.

Basically, Heat Map services analyze behavior of viewers and give you a detail report about all these things and these reports really help you a lot.

In my case I got really positive results.

4. Find Best Affiliate Program

This is another major factor to increase your affiliate sale.

If you want to make money through affiliate sales then you have to choose best affiliate program.

For example, If you doing affiliate of Hosting then you have to promote the best one and also you have to do affiliate of your niche related products.

5. Improve Page Load Time

Improve Page Load Time First Affiliate Sale

If you want to generate affiliate sales then you have to improve page load time. Because viewers don’t like slow websites.

For this reason, I recommend ChemiCloud Hosting because it provides free malware protection, Free migration and lots of other features which really help your website to load fast and Chemicloud is really affordable.

In simple words with a fast website you rank higher and if you rank higher then you get lots of organic traffic and with the traffic, you get more affiliate sales.

6. Use Attractive Theme

According to my personal experience if you want to do affiliate then you have to use a professional looking and attractive theme on your website.

But don’t use heavy themes try to use lite weight themes on your website. Because heavy themes affect your loading speed.

That’s why I recommend you to use Generatepress Theme.

Because Generatepress is the perfect theme for affiliate marketing. If you see most of the affiliate marketers use Generatepress themes and earn thousands of dollars.

7. Write Detailed Review

To get affiliate sale write a detailed review about affiliate product by using your copywriting skills.

Focus on benefit of your product not features, try to maintain conversational copy and build relationships with your viewers

By the way if you need help then you can hire professional writers from Fiverr.

If you want the example of detailed review article then check my best performing articles:

8. Provide Extra Benefits

Providing Extra Benefits with your affiliate program is another crucial and important step to generate affiliate sales and i’m 100 percent sure if you doing this this then you can make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours.

For example, If I’m doing an affiliate of Chemicloud Hosting then If anyone buying from my link then I will provide free Chemicloud hosting course.

For suppose if you doing affiliate of camera then tell your audience that if you buy from my link then you got a premium photography course for free.

After Implementing this I got really awesome result and I strongly recommend you this.

9. Do Email Marketing

If you really want to do affiliate marketing then start capturing emails from your viewers.After capturing emails start email marketing with affiliate link to get more sales.

Most of the bloggers doing email marketing and its really works like charm. So, I suggest you must include an affiliate link in your email to boost your affiliate sale.

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In this episode I talk about methods that I follow to generate affiliate sales and how to get affiliate sales in 24 hours. Also talk about my personal experience about affiliate marketing and my blogging journey. So stay tuned.

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Final Words

If you are serious about affiliate marketing then follow all the methods that I’ve mentioned here. I’m sure that if you follow all these methods wisely then you get so many affiliate sales.

Are you going to implements this method?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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