How To Choose Your Blog Name in 2021 (With Examples)

Santanu // Updated April 5, 2022  

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This is the 4th chapter of the Free Blogging Course, where I am explaining How to Come Up With a Good Blog Name to create a money making blog in 2021. Make sure to read the previous chapter where I have explained how to pick a profitable niche for your blog.

What is your blog name? This is a very frequent question people will ask you when you will become a blogger. So from the beginning, you should be serious about picking the right blog name which is easy to remember and also represent your blog content. Let me talk about on this topic in detail and help you to choose a good blog name.

Things You Must Consider Before Choosing A Blog Name?

Before start looking for a blog name, first let’s find out why you must brainstorm for a good blog name. In this section, I will provide few questions and their answers which you can easily relate and accordingly we can pick the blog name in the next segment.

What is Your Blog is All About?

Your blog name should justify the content of your blog. E.g. if you take the example of my blog name, from the name itself people will understand that this website is all about Tips & Tricks of Blogging. Similarly you can start doing the research and then decide on a suitable name for your blog.

Who is Your Target Audience?

Your target audience will be different as per your blog category, even if you think it’s similar. E.g. let’s say I share almost everything about blogging in this website. Now you want to create a blog to share only Blogging Tutorials. And the same time there are people who are blogging on WordPress & few are blogging on Blogger platform. So, on which platform tutorial you are going to share on your blog that you can easily mention on your domain. E.g. is all about WordPress tutorials. But if you check, that is website dedicated for Blogger users only.

Are You Creating The Blog For Your Business?

As Digital Marketing is getting popular day by day, many businesses are also coming online to get more exposure. In that case, you must use a blog name or website name as per physical business or similar terms. In case you want to re-brand your entire business then you can keep a name as per the products you are selling. Because if you physical business and website names are different, then people can’t related & connect and it will damage your business’s identity.

Is Your Blog Name Available On Social Platforms?

This is another most important activity that you should include in your list before finalizing your blog name. Your brand name or business name or blog name will have a social media presence also and for that purpose you have to search for the name in those platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and check whether they are available or not. Incase not found the exact names, then better to look for different name as we must try to have those names unique so that people can easily access them.

Are Your Violating Any Laws / Rules?

Many beginners does this mistake. E.g. if you are planning to create a blog to share Amazon or Flipkart offers, then I found that many bloggers are keeping the name as FlipkartOffers while buying the domain name. This is a very big problem as you will land in a legal fight with that company in case your website become popular. So, never mention any brand name in your blog name or domain name and make sure to choose a generic name without any company & brand or restricted terms on that.

How Easily People Can Spell & Remember Your Blog Name?

This is a very common & most important tip of this article. You should decide on such a blog name which is easy to remember, easy to type as your readers will remember that blog name based on that only. If they don’t understand the name or they found it difficult to TYPE then also it will be very difficult for you keep that name and continue your blogging journey. So, think about that and do your research accordingly.

Top 3 Best Ways to Come Up With a Blog Name

So, I am sure you got some idea on how you should start the research to find a good blog name. Now in this section, I will share some of the best tips to decide on a good name for your blog / website / business.

Use Your Own Name

Now a days you might have noticed that people are considering their name as the face of their business or blog. There are plenty of examples out there. If you think you will continue your blog with your name then go ahead. In that case, you will easily find all domain name, social media platforms if your name is unique. E.g. I tried many times to continue with, but honestly I don’t find my name sounds like a good brand name and also this is a very common name in Bengal, so all social platforms already occupied. That’s why I opted for different other brandable names related to my blog niche.

Keep The Blog Category & Brainstorm Further

This is the next type of blog name which is also very much in trending & common these days. The best example could be We all know that Deepak Kanakaraju if one of the Best Digital Marketer in India. And his website name is so much justified with the content types, his personality and skill. And you can also think a similar blog name from this example.

Go For A Brandable Random name

Next Blog name example I want to give here is This is a blog by Amit Agarwal, the father of Indian blogging. You can also take the example of MPNRC website which has created a lot of buzz in recent times. What I am trying to say here is that, you can pick any such random names also. Specially in case you have a multi-niche blog or any news kind of website which will perfectly suit such names.

Choose A Keyword For Your Blog Name

Now this is interesting and you have to understand that very clearly. E.g. when I search for Best Inflatable Hot Tub review, I found one of the website as below.

The website has used the the exact keyword on the website name or blog name. This is called Exact Match Domain or EMD. This kind of websites do well when you explore a fresh category or product. Earlier there was a trend, but you will hardly find such websites. But again, if the category or product is new and has less competition, then you can easily rank your website for this kind of micro niche website.

Use any Blog Name Generator

If you don’t know then let me share an awesome way to find out good blog names. You can use various Blog name generators which will suggest you hundreds of amazing names. I mostly use website and besides that also there are plenty of such types of websites and here are few of them.

  1. Name Generator
  2. Zyro Business Name Generator
  3. Wordoid
  4. DomainWheel
  5. Name Mesh
  6. Lean Domain Search
  7. Domains Bot
  8. Panabee
  9. Blog Title Generator
  10. NameStation

Open these websites and provide the term related to your blog category or any term that you want to keep in your blog name. Enjoy the hundreds of suggestions and pick the best name for your blog.

Research Your Competitors Blog Name

Another way is to monitor the similar blogs in your category. Make a list of all blogs and then gradually analyze them what kind of blog name they kept and form that you will also get some ideas. If that doesn’t work, then look for other categories also and check out how exactly they come up with their blog name. It may not be the great way to find a blog name, but in case all the above tricks doesn’t work for you then you can follow this technique also.

Mix up local terms or any popular terms

I actually followed the same funda where I kept my blog category BLOGGING and added the Hindi version of Knowledge, means Gyaan. The term Gyaan can be written this way or GYAN also. But I kept Gyaan and finally make my blog name as Blogging Gyaan. You can also go for similar way and decide your blog name.

That’s It : Let’s Go To Next Chapter

So, after you are done with the Blog name topic, next we have to be ready with the blog creation process. From now onward things will be little technical as we are going to create out first blog. And for that we need certain tool or software so that we can make a website our own. Don’t worry much as I am going to help you to make things very simpler. In the next chapter we will compare the best 2 blogging platforms Blogger Vs WordPress and then tell you which one you should pick to become a professional blogger. So let’s go to the next chapter.

Lastly, One Request ....

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