How To Find A Profitable Niche For Your Blog (Step By Step Guide)

Santanu // Updated April 1, 2022  

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This is the 3rd chapter of the Free Blogging Course, where I am explaining how you can fins a profitable blog niche to make a money making blog in 2021. Make sure to read the previous chapter where I have explained the possible ways to earn money with a blog.

Making money from a blog is no further a myth. We all know that people are making money. But do you know that every blog is not making money? Or if I say every blog category is not making money. So, in that case you need to pick the right blog category which has true income potential.

What Is A Blog Niche (Normal Vs Profitable)

What is a niche exactly? A blog niche is a specific topic you’ll write (or create other types of content) about on your blog.

This is the most crucial step to get into blogging. But, don’t be in a hurry, as more than 90% of bloggers do mistakes in this step and fail in the coming days. Starting a blog is easy, however, you need to do the right things that will help you to make it successful in the coming days.

The very first step is the niche selection or choosing a topic that will help you to create
a blog that generates money. You might have noticed that, every blogs actually talk around certain category. When we talk about niche selection, let’s first understand 2 important terms.

Single Niche Vs Multi-Niche Vs Micro Niche Blog

Yes, categories can be further divided into Single Niche or Multi-Niche or Micro Niche. Let me explain that first with some examples.

E.g. when you create a blog around a single topic that is call a single niche website. E.g. in this blog I mostly share Blogging related articles. So you can say that this is a single niche blog, but then also it is quite broad. In case you create a blog only to share Blogging Tips, that would be the perfect example of a single niche blog.

Next, take the example of any news website where they publish articles of almost any category. This kind of blogs are very difficult to manage as you need to publish plenty of articles to keep all the categories updated.

Next , micro niche blogs are the real example of blogs that you can create quickly and start making money fast. Just create a blog around a single topic. E.g. there are plenty of web hosting companies and you can easily create a single niche website where you can share articles about various web hosting companies. Now, if you can create a website around a single web hosting company and only share articles / tutorials / reviews of that hosting company plans then it will become a micro niche website.

Which Is Better To Choose?

As a beginner, I would say better to start with a single niche blog. Multi-niche blog is the worst idea for a beginner. You will get frustrated by writing articles without any focus and in few months only realize that you did the biggest mistake. I can say that as I have started my blogging career with that only and wasted my first 3-4 years.

Again I will not say to start a micro niche website also, even that is profitable. Because to make a micro niche website profitable you need certain skills that you can can’t get initially.

So, better to start a blog on a single category or topic where you have interest. You feel comfortable to write articles, you can add your experience while writing. This way you can start and gradually keep a track where exactly you are able to improve your writing skills and blogging skills.

Profitable Niche Vs Regular Niche

As a beginner, I know a blog with multiple topics is exciting and many people do this
mistake. I also did the same and started my first blog where I used to write almost on

I felt that I could share all my experiences related to health, sports, finance, and all in one
place. But I failed miserably! Then gradually I realized that it is important to write on a specific topic so that people with that specific interest can connect with my blog. And that is how a blog can grow further with a huge potential of making money.

So, you have to choose a specific topic. And as generating money from a blog is our main
interest, you have to understand the difference between a profitable niche and a regular niche.

We all know that blogging needs passion. But if your passion is not on a profitable niche, then you may not be able to make a good amount of money from your blog. E.g. let’s say you love to share quotes or poems. You can also start a blog on that, but the potential from such a blog to make a decent income is comparatively less. At the same time, if you start a blog on reviewing products that you use in your everyday life will have a higher chance.

To find out the common intersection or sweet spot, ask these questions to yourself:

  • How much interest I have about the topic (Passion)
  • How much knowledge I have about that topic (Talent)
  • Whether people are searching for that category (Demand)
  • Can I make money by writing articles on that topic (Earning Potential)

First, understand how a blog generates money. It is either by showing ads, promoting some products, or selling something. So, you must pick a topic where this kind of potential is more.

Few of the most profitable blogging niches are:

  • Work from Home Jobs
  • Health-related Topics (weight loss, diet, etc.)
  • Finance Sector (Insurance, Loans, etc.)
  • Traveling & Lifestyle
  • Blogging, WordPress, Digital Marketing

These are a few of the examples I have shared that will help you to understand what I
wanted to say. Think wisely where exactly people are spending more money and that is
the perfect niche to start a blog that can generate good income.

How To Start With Keyword Research & Find A Profitable Niche For Your Blog?

Step 1: Start With Few Topics Of Your Interest

You should pick topics that you have interest. As a beginner, you may not have experience. So it is better start brainstorming on the topics which are profitable and you also have interest.

But only earning cannot motivate for long. You cannot continue blogging if you do not find
interest. So, whatever your interest is, if you have enough knowledge on that, then it is always recommended to start a blog on that topic only. If you can grow your blog with decent traffic, you will be able to make money from your blog in different other ways.

This will help you to understand how things work in blogging and gradually help you to
become a better blogger. Later, you can plan to start a blog on any profitable niche that
we have discussed.

Step 2: Collect The Websites On That Topic

Let’s say, you have good knowledge of fashion or food or some technology. Or you want to create a website related to some products. Now try to find out how other people are blogging in that niche. Search for top fashion bloggers, food bloggers, or technology bloggers.

E.g. Let’s take the example of website This is a product review website. That means if you can find out a topic with good search and low competition then you can pick that topic to create a dedicated blog. And as this is an Amazon product review website, these keywords are highly profitable.

Step 3: Analyze Those Sites Further To Pick The Profitable Niches

Now the important thing you have to find out here is the topics that have
decent searches with low competition. For that, you can filter the keywords as per the KD (Keyword Difficulty) and Search volume. Spend some time and find out some topics.
Find Topics From Amazon Website.

You can find various such websites in your interested categories. For that, you need a professional SEO tool like SEMRush. Although it’s quite costly for beginners, you can start with their FREE Trial account. Click To Sign up for Free and put the websites one by one. In our case, let’s analyze the website.

In case, you want to start a blog on Amazon affiliate, then you can discover many sub-niches from the Amazon website itself. Just check the image below.

So, research is a crucial part before you decide on a particular niche. And to research properly for finding a profitable niche there is no better alternative than using a professional tool like SEMrush. You can sign up with their FREE Trial and use them for your initial research.

Step 4: Ask These Questions Before Finalizing Blog Niche

Are The Niche Too Much Crowded? In that Case Can I Create Something New?

Competition is something you have to keep in mind. If there are already so many blogs on that category, then how come you will make your blog noticed? E.g. mobile phone reviews category is too much tough and if you have a plan to create another blog on that topic then think 100 times. But if you can write something new in your own style then definitely you should go for that niche.

How Many Articles Can You Write On That Niche?

Yes, this is a very crucial question to ask yourself. As this will tell you how much you are aware or knowledgeable on that topic. E.g. I can talk & write continuously on Blogging & WordPress category and that’s why I am blogging on that topic without any break. I know how to find fresh & new topics even if they are competitive and also developed my writing style to attract readers. So, think like that and if you find you can also do for that topic, then you found the best Profitable niche for your blog.

What is the earning potential & how you can monetize?

Well, I always check this question at the beginning as you must know whether your blog category can make money or not. And even if that have earning potential, what are the ways you can monetize that blog. E.g. I mostly prefer to pick affiliate categories, and you might have noticed that my blog doesn’t have Google Ads running. In case you want to earn money using Google AdSense program then you need to write on trending topics to fetch too much traffic. So accordingly research on that category and finalize the income options from that category. There are multiple ways you can monetize your blog traffic.

That’s It : Let’s Go To Next Chapter

After this article, I am sure you will be able to pick the right blog category. And the next task is to find a good blog name or you can say a domain name. Your blog name is your brand identity on internet and that will also represent your website’s theme. E.g. from my blog name itself ( you can can easily understand what kind of articles you are going to read. So, let’s learn further on how to find a good name for your blog.

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