How To Grow Your Blog Through Instagram For Free?

How to Grow Your Blog Through Instagram For Free

Not getting enough traffic from Instagram? want to know How To Grow Your Blog Through Instagram for free?

It hurts!

Do you also think that it’s tough to get traffic from Instagram?

Let me tell you, you can get thousands of Instagram visitors to your website.

I have detailed each and every aspect which I am using to get instant website traffic.

Instagram is an awesome social media platform to use in order to grow your blog. Especially Instagram is best for affiliate marketer and it also helps you to grow your blog authority as well. So if you are a new blogger then I recommend you to follow all steps from below to grow your blog through Instagram.

1. Optimize Your Profile

To utilize Instagram to get traffic and sales at first you have to optimise your profile. To Optimize your profile at first I recommend you to use the main keyword on your username and also try to make it short and easily rememberable.

In bio section, you have to write a perfect bio according to your niche and If you have any kind of achievement then try to add them on your bio section too and at last, you also have to your main hashtag on your bio too.

In your website section add your post or product link and in contact options add your business email and phone number.

Imstagram Profile Optimization Demo
Imstagram Profile Optimization Demo

After doing these things go to the category section and add a category. For example, if you are a blogger then select “blogger”.

OK! Now your Instagram profile is optimised.

2. Provide Value To Your Followers

Try to provide secret tips tricks and other information to your follower on a daily basis. By providing valuable information about your niche you can gain more followers as well as it also helps you to build engagement and authority of your Instagram profile.

This thing also help you to differentiate yourself from other users. Because Instagram has 1 billion monthly users. While that means there’s a lot of competition but if you provide value to your followers then it will help you to grow.

3. Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is the most effective way to introduce your Instagram posts to new followers. Whenever you upload a new post don’t forget to use relevant hashtags. By providing right hashtag you can easily gain millions of reach for free.

Benefit Of Hashtags:

How to use hashtag on instagram

If you have a health blog then use health related hashtags only in your posts. If you use irrelevant hashtags then you may gain new followers but they wont became loyal fans of your blog.

So before posting hashtag make sure its relevant to your post.

They are many free hashtag finder website’s available on the internet. You can use them and I also recommend you to analyse your old posts to improve your Instagram profile.

4. Engage With Your Follower’s

Try to interact with all of your Instagram followers and find other people who follow your niche. Follow them and and leave genuine comment, like their posts. If they leave comment on your post then don’t forget to respond them.

Benefit Of Engage With Your Follower’s:

5. Post Consistently

To grow blog through Instagram you have to post contents on your Instagram on daily basis. Because If you post after long interval then your followers might un-follow you. For this reason keep them updated by delivering valuable content on short intervals.

6. Promote

To get more traffic you can also promote your posts or new articles on Instagram. It will boost your profile reach. But before promoting I recommend you to optimize your blog properly and update minimum 100 posts.

7. Tips To Grow Your Blog Through Instagram For Free

Hey! wait wait If you don’t have sufficient budget to promote your Instagram post or articles then you also can promote your Instagram at initial days for free.

To grow your blog for free through Instagram at first you have to post content on daily basis with relevant hashtags.

After posting when someone like your post go to his/her profile and message and if you found email then send an email with your product link or post link.

For example, I post Chemicloud Hosting Review image on Instagram and Someone like on this post then I go to his/her profile and send a message by typing “Hey, how is it going? I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. I just came across your profile and found that you are looking for good hosting! You can check out all information about ChemiCloud Hosting” and after that paste your product link or your website link.

If you follow this method then you get lots of niche related traffic on your website or products. That means you not only get visits you get loyal fans on your blog.

  1. How Do I Grow My Instagram Blog?

    By Providing Valuable Content with hashtag you can easily grow Instagram blog.

  2. How Do I Link Instagram To My Blog?

    Go to Instagram profile settings and put your website name on the website field and save. That’s It! Your blog is now linked to your Instagram.

  3. How Do I Use Instagram For My Blog?

    Instagram is a gold mine for bloggers. You can drive millions of traffics by put your website link on your post description.

  4. How Do I Add My Personal Blog To Instagram?

    To add your personal blog to Instagram go to Instagram profile setting and put your personal blog on the website field and click on save. After doing these your personal blog added to your Instagram.

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