How To Start A Blog In 2021 and Make Money

Want to know how to start a blog in 2021? My friend, you are in the right place. Today I share this complete guide where I show you how to start a blog in less than an hour.

So to become a successful blogger follow all the steps which I mention below and don’t worry this guide is 100 per cent genuine and legit. I create this guide from my experience and by following famous bloggers like Neil Patel and others too. Here I show eleven very easy steps to start your successful blog without making a single mistake and some extra tips which really help you to scale your new brandable blog.

Step 1: Choose a Perfect Niche For Blog (Very Crucial Step For Success)

Choosing a niche is the most crucial and important step for starting a blog.

Niche is a type of topic that you expound on regularly or even exclusively in your blogs (For example “Coupon Codes” is a niche, If you choose this then you have to write about different coupon codes. But there are different successful multi-niche website’s are also available).

how to choose a niche
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how to choose a niche

Now we discuss how to choose a niche? To become a successful blogger you need to choose a profitable niche which you can write. But don’t always choose a profitable niche to earn huge money. I recommend you to go and choose the one niche, which you are most comfortable to write, to have deep knowledge about the niche. Because If you choose the wrong niche just too earn money then that blog didn’t work. Do you know? That most of the bloggers quit blogging in three months because they choose the niche which they don’t passionate about.By choosing the niche that you passionate about and you can write really awesome content with different angles and provide pure content. Which is really help your readers.

My personal method to choose a niche:

And now you’re ready to start your own very profitable blog.

Want to know more?

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Now we’re heading towards the next part where we talk about how to choose a domain name for your blog.

Step 2: Choose a Perfect Brandable Domain Name (Another Important Step)

Choosing a domain name is another important part of blogging. So before deciding your domain name I personally recommend you to do proper research about it.Don’t take any domain without research, but if you already choose domain name then I recommend you to skip this part and head over to next step.

If not then follow below guide:

Domain Name/ Url: Always buy top-level domain like dot com and dot net never buy regional domains like dot in dot ca and other regional domain.Use Keywords: Try to use your niche related keywords on your domain (For example We are using “Grow” “Blogging”. This two keywords on our URL, because out blog is working on blogging related niche)

Don’t Use Numbers: Don’t use numbers on your blog URL. Never ever use because it degrades your blog SEO performance and its also not looks professional.

Keep It Short Simple And Brandable: Keep your URL it as simple, short and brandable too. So that everybody can easily grab that and keep that in their mind too. If you are still not able to find out the domain name then I recommend you to find brandable domain by name using this one tool: LearnDomainSearch

Now, Let’s move to the next step on how to start a blog in 2021.

Step 3: How To Purchase Domain Name For Your New Blog

After selecting the domain name you have to purchase that domain name to use. Here I’m using Godaddy to purchase domain name because Godaddy is worlds most popular domain name, provider.

Here I show guide to buying a domain to start a blog in 2021:

1. To buy a domain name at first open on your PC browser.

how to purchase a domain name
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2. Then type your desired domain name on Godaddy’s search bar and click on search.

how to start a blog
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4. And then clicks on sigh in button and click on create my account and sigh into Godaddy

5. After that login to your Godaddy account with login credentials and go to cart and fill all the details and do payment to purchase the blog. Success!

you successfully purchase a domain. Now We have to choose a good hosting for your blog.

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Step 4: Choose A Good Hosting For Your Blog

Hosting is another very important thing that get your blog online. Basically hosting is online storage, where your blog stored.Did you know? Hosting is the X factor of your blog, If you choose slow hosting then your blog never ranks on search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex).

So you have to use a good and powerful hosting. For hosting I recommend you to use BlueHost hosting. Because Bluehost is WordPress certified hosting and it dominates the hosting market since 2003 by providing best services in very reasonable rates.

BlueHost comes with 2$ to 4$ monthly plan, which is very cheap and after purchasing if you have any problem then you can contact them and they refund your money. Because Bluehost comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Most of the pro bloggers are also recommends Bluehost as the best hosting for beginners, as well as they also use Bluehost.So what are you waiting for?Grab the discount right now by purchasing Bluehost from this special link to get up to 80 percent discount.

Benefits Of Using BlueHost:

Now I show you how you can purchase hosting from BlueHost: At first, you have to click this special link or banner then it will redirect you to Bluehost.

bluehost hosting offer
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Then click on the get started button.After that recommend you to choose a basic plan if you’re a newbie but if you want to host multiple websites then you can go with higher plans.

bluehost planes
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After choosing plan click on the green select button. After doing that new page appears now put your name on “use a domain you own” and click on next. After doing these a new page appears now you have to create an account on Bluehost.

Now create an account by filling the form or sign in with your Google account. After login again select the plan and after that, you redirected to the payment information page, after that fill your payment details and pay money.

After paying all the money you will get all the hosting-related details through email. Congratulation now you have successfully purchase a hosting and domain.

Now we’re heading towards the next step where we know how to connect the domain and hosting together.

Step 5: How To Connect Hosting and Domain Together

Now we’re talking about how to connect domain name with hosting easily. To connect domain with hosting at first you have to login into your GoDaddy account (If you use any other then layout may different but the process is almost the same).

To connect domain name and hosting together at first you have to log in to Godaddy then click on My Products and then scroll down and after that, you find the DNS button and click on it.

how to connect domain with hosting
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And after that, you find the DNS button and click on it. After goto nameserver section and click on change and now goto your mailbox and open Bluehost email and copy both nameservers and replace with default one.

Dns details
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And after replacing nameserver details you have to wait for maximum 48 hours to connect with your domain. By the time refresh your website continuously to check your website is connected with your domain or not.When its connected then follow the below steps.

Now its time to install WordPress and create your blog.

Step 6: How To Install WordPress And Create Your Blog

There are many different ways available to install WordPress on a website/hosting but here I recommend and show you how to install WordPress through Cpanel.

So let’s get started, To install at first you have to go on Bluehost email, where you find panel login link. Click on that link and fill username and password to log in to your Cpanel account.

How to login to Cpanel
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Notice: You will find all the login link, user name and password in your mail account. After login to your, Cpanel scroll down and find for “Softaculous Apps Installer” and click on it.

how to install wordpress from cpanel
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After clicking on it click on WordPress logo then click on the install now button. Now simply go to the site settings column and put your blog name on the first column and right after on the site description section put your site description.

After that scroll down and goto admin section and put a username and complicated password and after this put email and now directly scroll down and click on blue install button and then wait until WordPress is getting installed.

When WordPress is installed then you redirected to welcome page and on that page, you got two links. Click on yourdomail(dot)com/wp-admin to log in your WordPress dashboard. Now open and login to your WordPress dashboard.

Now wordpress installed and I think you got answer about how to start a blog. Now I show you how to write and publish post.

Step 7: Choose A Seo Friendly And Attention Garbing Theme

After installing WordPress, firstly your have to install an SEO friendly lightweight and beautiful modern theme. There are millions of good themes are available for WordPress.But I recommend you to go with Generatepress theme.

I personally use Generatepress premium theme because it comes with lots of amazing features.

Why Generatepress Is best WordPress theme:

So what are you waiting for? visit this magical link to activate 75 per cent off on Generatepress premium.

Now, I’m sure that your doubt is clear now. But if you don’t want to purchase Genaratepress premium then you can also use Generatepress free version.But keep in mind Generatepress premium always keep your website one step ahead from competitors.

If you decide to purchase then follow this guide, otherwise skip this step and jump to the next step.

How to purchase Generatepress Premium: Click on this magical link and then Generatepress official website open.

After goto Premium>>Get it now>>add to cart.

Now login to Generatepress account and purchase by paying the price.After successful purchase goto Account>>Downloads and download Generatepress, Generatepress Premium and copy the premium key to your PC.

How to Install Generatepress Premium: To install Generatepress premium at first login to your WordPress dashboard then click on Appearance>>Themes>>Add New

how to install generatepress premiuim
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After that upload Generatepress theme and active the theme. Click on plugins>>add new and then upload Gp Premium zip file and activate.

After uploading and activating these files goto appearance>>Genatarepress>>updates and put licence key and active generatepress premium completely.

For more help you can comment bellow I will definitely help you.

Step 8: Must Have Plugins For Your Blog

Now, I show some must-have plugins that boost your blog and as well as increase security and various other things.There are tons of plugins that are available for your blog. But before using unwanted plugins keep in mind that unwanted plugins are downgrade your websites SEO performance and it also downgrades your blogging speed.So use only use plugins on your website.

Here I share the list of essential plugins:

Elementor or Thrive Architect: Elementor and Thrive are both popular and powerful page builders. These page builders help you to build cool landing pages and many more. With these plugins you can build your dream website without coding, just drag and drop.

Rank Math SEO: Rank Math SEO is another most essential and must have a search engine optimization plugin. Most of the bloggers suggest to use Yeaost but I’m personally using this and I like it too.

Akismet Anti-Spam: This plugin really helps you to block and filter spam comments. Just install this plugin on your blog and forget about spam comments.

Social Snap: Social Snap is a well known social sharing plugin. With this plugin, you can share your blog post and other contents on various social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms too. Buy the way this plugin also comes with a paid version but the free version is enough for new bloggers.

Updraft Plus – Backup and Restore: Take time to time backup is very important. But In past days taking backup was very hard and costly but now you can take backup and restore anytime with this awesome free plugin called Updraft Plus.

Wp Rocket: Wp Rocket is best cache plugin. With this plugin, you can easily manage your website’s cache. After using this plugin your website loads faster than ever. You know speed is one of the major factors to rank on search engines. But if you are looking for an alternative then you can use Autoptimize Plugin.

Wordfence Security: When the security is the first priority then the first name comes in mind is Wordfence Security. This plugin helps you to save your site from hacking and malware attacks.

Contact Form 7: This particular plugin will help you to create various contact forms. Try Contact Form 7 I’m sure you really fall in love with this form plugin.

Step 9: Write And Publish Your First Blog Post

Finally, we are set up everything and your blog is ready. Now we learn how to write your first epic post.

If you are confused about what to write and publish a first blog post, then I recommend you to do proper keyword research and use long-tail keyword.

Because long-tail keywords rank easily and follow Rank Math plugin to easily rank your post but never use copy contents.

To write the first post Goto Posts>>Add New then add title and start writing.

how to write blog post
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After writing the post click on the publish button to publish your post.

Step 10: Drive Traffic To New Website

Now everything is set, you create a blog, publish a post. But you are not getting any traffic on your blog and without traffic, you can’t generate revenue from your blog.So you have to start promoting your blog after publishing every post. So here I come with free tips to drive quality traffic to your new blog.

Facebook: Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites in the present day. So you can use Facebook to drive huge traffic by sharing your posts on Facebook status, groups, pages and comments. But I recommend you to share only your niche related places to get targeted traffic on your blog.

Youtube: Youtube is another popular search engine and did you know that Youtube is the future. Because in future, peoples are consuming video content more than text content. So without wasting more time start a youtube channel and make your blog related content on your channel.

Quora: Quora is the gold mine for blogger. Most of the blogger using Quora because from Quora you can get traffic from the target audience. The most important benefit of Quora is that you can generate leads from Quora. As well as you can also generate traffic from Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr also. But always try to drive the target audience to your blog, because it will help you to increase SEO rank on your blog.

Step 11: Some Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Now I’m going to show you, some ways to make money from your blog. I strongly recommend you to read these steps carefully because If you missed anything then you can’t generate money and if you did not generate handsome amount money then day by day you got demotivate and one day you quit blogging.But don’t worry?I show you the top four ways to monetize your blog.

So let’s Dive into it.

Ad Networks: Earn Money from ad network is the most common way of earning money from a brand new blog. There are many ad networks that are available on the web like Adsense, Media(dot)net, Taboola, Propeller Ads. But Adsense is the most popular ad network because its made by Google so everybody can easily trust this.

Note: After writing 10-15 high-quality post on your website if you apply then Ad sense will approve your website to show ads.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is another best way to earn money. You can earn a high amount of money with less traffic. But that traffic should be targeted.

Sell Products & Services: You can also earn money by selling products and services through your blog. If you are an SEO expert then you can sell case studies, Seo courses and if you’re an affiliate marketer then you can sell affiliate marketing related courses on your blog.

Guest Post: You can also earn huge amount of money by selling a guest post on your website. When your blog’s DA and PA getting high then many bloggers and companies approach you to do guest post on your blog and trust me you can earn hundreds of dollars by selling one guest post, so what are you waiting for. Let’s get started.Enter your text here…

Conclusion: I hope you like this article and got al answers about how to start a blog and make money. If you found this article informational then please do a share because we both deserve and every single share count for us? I appreciate your effort.

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How To Start A Blog In 2021 and Make Money
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