How To Start A Motivational Blog In 2020

Hello Readers, How are you doing? Today I’m again coming with a guide where I show you “How To Start A Motivational Blog In 2020″. 

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How to start a motivational blog
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To set up a motivational blog in 2020 at first we have to buy a professional domain name but if you are a newbie then I recommend you to follow below guide to choose a perfect domain name for your motivational blog.

Step 1. How to choose and register your domain name

To start a perfect blog at first you need a perfect domain name and you also remember this things to buy a perfect domain.

At first I recommend you to purchase a .com or .net like global domain names don’t purchase regional domains like .ca .us or any other.

Then I recommend when you go to buy a domain make sure your keyword included on domain name ( example:

After that I also recommend you not  to use numbers on your domain name and try to keep it simple and easily remember-able.

So friends now we are heading towards the next step where I talk about “How to choose and register your domain name for a motivational blog”.

How to choose and register your domain name for motivational blog :

how to buy domain from godaddy
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Purchasing a domain name is very easy guys . You can purchase a domain in 5 minutes. Follow below steps to know how you can purchase a domain in 2020.

After choosing a domain name open through any browser and search your domain name on search browser and after if your domain name available then click on add to cart and fill all the details buy your desired domain name.

For more information you can view our video guide from below.

How to Register a Domain Name with GoDaddy Video Guide:

I think now you know how you can purchase domain name now we are heading towards our next step where we are talking about How to buy hosting and connect with your domain.

Step 2. How to buy hosting and connect with your domain

Now we are talk about how to buy hosting and connect with your domain.

Nowadays there are hundreds of good hosting providers are available on the market. But if you want to earn money and from your blog then I recommend you to choose ResellerClub Hosting for your blog. Because resellerclub provides you really good and fast web hosting, which is also help you to rank your website.

So friends now I share you how to buy ResellerClub hosting for your motivational blog.

How to buy hosting :

To purchase resellerclub hosting I recommend you  open

and after that you go to main menu and click on hosting section and from there select linux web hosting.

After that choose your desired hosting plan. Here I recommend you to go with a personal plan at the initial stage.

Resellerclub hosting plans
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After choose your hosting plan click on buy Now button and after that fill all your information and finally purchase hosting plan. Now you succesfully purchase hosting plan.

How to connect hosting with your domain :

When you purchase a hosting plan wait for couple of minutes. Hosting provider send all the details in your email address.

Open that email and find your name server details. After finding name servers copy them.

nameserver details
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After copying them open godaddy and click on my products and then a new list appears.

Now click on Dns button and then again a new page appears, now scroll down and find nameserver section.

After that change default name servers with hosting providers name server.

Now you have to wait for maximum 24 hours to update the name server.

After 24 hours check your website again and I’m sure your website successfully connected with hosting.

But if you still facing any problem then I recommend you to watch below video guide. 

How to buy hosting and connect with your domain video guide:

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Step 3. How to setup WordPress

So friends we are now on 3rd step where are talk about “How to setup wordpress for motivational blog”.

I recommend you to follow all the steps properly because if you miss any step then it will destroy your all previous effort.

To setup wordpress at first go to your hosting providers email and find your cpnael loging url and click on that url.

 After that again visit that email and copy your Cpanel username and password. and put on your Cpanel login form and click on login.

How to login to Cpanel
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After login to your Cpanel, goto software section and find “Softaculous apps installer” and click on it.

how to install wordpress from cpanel
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After that click on WordPress and then click on Install now and then a new page appears. Now Follow my instruction.

After new page appears chose https if you have ssl certificate and if you dont have ssl then choose http and after that select your domain name and dont put anything on directory.

And in site settings fill your blog name in first column and put your sites tagline in your description.

After that go to admin account section and fill your username and password and your email too. 

Tip: Use a strong and complicated username and password.

After doing all these just scroll down and click in blue install button and wait for couple of minutes and after that word press is successfully installed on your blog.

After that you redirect to WordPress welcome page. In WordPress welcome page you got 2 link. The first link is your website link and second link is your wordpress dashboard loging link ( Loging Link looks like

If you want to login your website then click on your website link and then fill that previous username and password and press enter button.

Now wordpress is installed on your motivational blog. Now you can write article on your blog.

Complete Video Guide about how to start a motivational blog in 2020 :

Conclusion: I hope you understand How to start a motivational blog in 2020 but if you still facing any problem regarding this topic then feel free to comment below I will definitely try to help you as soon as possible.

How To Start A Motivational Blog In 2020
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