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How To Start Blogging To Make Money in 2022 [While Sleeping]

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links that may provide us with a small commission at no cost to you. This is helping us to create free content to help you and manage the running cost of this blog. Thank you for your support.

Do you know that you can easily generate passive income from a blog & make money online in 2022 while sleeping? Yes, in this article I will take you through the exact process of how to start a blog for passive income in 2022.

So, you might be thinking how many people are actually making money from a blog in 2022? Well, I would say this is huge. Yes, blogging is a very popular way to make money online. And nowadays many people are blogging full-time and generating huge money online.

But in this article, I will target those people who are already working somewhere or doing some business. But after their regular work, they also get some time to work on their passion or interest and also willing to earn little extra income besides their regular work. And here comes the concept of passive income.

What is Passive Income (With Earning Proof)

Passive Income is the earnings that you make from a business or process for which you don’t put much effort regularly. Let me make it simpler.

E.g. a person who is working in a company needs to work for that company 5 days a week and daily for more than 10-12 hours. A person running a business needs to sit in the shop for more than 12-14 hours to sell goods. These all are direct earnings for which we need to put in regular efforts.

Now if you have a separate house which you can rent out and earn money from that rent without doing anything. Of course, you need a separate house for that. Similarly, if you think online if you have a website that is getting a decent amount of traffic every month and with Advertising or Affiliate Marketing your website can easily generate income for you. And for that, you don’t have to work daily like your JOB or Business. And that’s the true definition of passive income.

There are various examples of passive income in offline or online mode. In this article, I will teach you how you can create a blog like this and make money from that like me. Yes, I am also generating a good amount of money from a few of my other websites through affiliate marketing and I believe this is the best way to create a passive income source if you have an interest.

Can I Really Make Money From Blogging?

First of all, let me share a few of the income proofs few top bloggers as well as myself. I made money promoting various web hosting affiliate programs, WordPress plugins, Themes, and software.

This is what I made in 2021 by promoting the Bluehost affiliate program. I have shared a few months’ data so that you can understand.

bluehost income report
Bluehost income report

I also promote various products from ShareASale.com and here are the income reports for that. There is no specific product mentioned. Similar to ShareASale there are various other affiliate networks that you can join and promote products.

shareasale income report
shareasale income report

AppSumo is another popular platform where you will find many Saas & business tools at cheaper price. People love their lifetime deals segment and buy lots of tools. I promote many of their tools and made some money last year which is awesome. The best example of passive income is I just created a few articles in the beginning of 2021 and they are generating income for me to date.

appsumo income report
Appsumo income report

Besides that, let me share the earning report of one of the Top Bloggers in India, Anil Agarwal. He regularly shares income reports and you will get amazed to see the figures and understand the potential of blogging & affiliate marketing.

anil agarwal income report
Anil Agarwal’s income report

Here’s the breakdown of all the income reports of BloggersPassion from 2016 to 2020.

  • We made $21,789 in 2016 (average monthly earnings: $1815)
  • We made $67,294 in 2017 (average monthly earnings: $5607)
  • We made $106,116 in 2018 (average monthly earnings: $8843)
  • We made $128,014 in 2019 (average monthly earnings: $10,667)
  • We made $140,298 in 2020 (average monthly earnings: $11,691)

It’s hard to believe, but Adam made $83,737 in the month of NOV 2020. With an aim of $1 million per month he started his journey back in 20219 only and in just 2 years he left everyone behind and made some mammoth figures. Remember, this is the same saturated blogging industry that Adam entered just 2 years back and started generating income from those typical & highly competitive products only. You can read the complete income report details here.

adam enfroy income report
Adam Enfroy income report

So, I think I have shared enough proof and data to understand that passive income is simply amazing and if you have an interest and passion to create a blog then you can also make money online like these bloggers. So, let’s focus further and find out the exact steps to start a blog in 2022 for generating passive income.

Disclaimer: Making money from a blog is really possible if you set your expectations right from the beginning. So let’s target to make at least $100/mo and then try to make it $1000/mo gradually. I don’t believe in setting up a $1,00,000/mo target initially, but in reality, I may end up making nothing. So, better to set up realistic goals, put in enough effort and then gradually increase the expectations. So, let’s start this detailed guide on How To Start A Blog For Passive Income in 2022.

Exact Steps To Start A Blog in 2022 That Can Generate Passive Income

Creating a website in 2022 is just a 5-minute task or even less than that. Yes, I am not kidding here. With the help of WordPress and complete technical knowledge, you can do that easily. I have created so many websites to date on WordPress for experiments and recently it took just a few minutes only.

That means, the real game is somewhere else and that’s what you have to understand. You need a website full of quality content that can attract traffic and then only your website can make money for you. And that is the aim of this segment where I will explain all the necessary steps to Start A Blog For Passive Income in 2022.

How to Start a Successful Blog in 12 Steps [Ultimate Guide]

  • Step 1: Select The Right Blogging Platform
  • Step 2: Choose a Profitable Niche / Topic For Your Blog
  • Step 3: Find a Good Domain Name For Your Blog
  • Step 4: Buy a Good Hosting for Your Blog
  • Step 5: Install and Setup WordPress On Your Domain
  • Step 6: Work On Your Blog Design By Choosing A Theme
  • Step 7: Install Necessary Plugins
  • Step 8: Make Your Blog SEO Optimized
  • Step 9: Write and Publish Your First Blog Post
  • Step 10: Learn To Promote Your Blog Post & Get First Traffic
  • Step 11: Start Building A Community & email list
  • Step 12: Let’s Get Into Making Money From The Blog

So, without wasting further time let’s get started from scratch and understand the entire process of creating a website on WordPress from scratch. As a non-technical person also, you can easily create a website or blog on WordPress. Don’t worry, I am going to explain every single thing in this article.

Step 1: Choose The Right Blogging Platform

Well, you need to be very sure about the blogging platforms in the beginning only. In fact, I believe that even before choosing the blog topic. WHY?

Because my intention is always clear. Just ask this question to you: Why do you want to start a blog in 2022?

If the answer is just to try as you have heard about that or just for fun, then you are okay to start with free blogger platforms like Blogger.com, WordPress.com, etc. Here are a few of the popular & Best Free Blogging Platforms to Consider as a beginner in 2021:

  • Blogger – Best free blogging platform.
  • Wix – Best drag and drop website builder.
  • WordPress – Most popular blogging platform.
  • Tumblr – Best blogging platform for microblogging.
  • Ghost – Best blogging platform for publications.
  • Strikingly – Best for simple blogs.

But, if you are serious about doing something driven by your interest or want to create a passive income source, or want to make a career online, then don’t compromise from day 1. Consider blogging as a Business from the first day and put all your efforts into that context only.

Because to set up a successful blog in 2022 for generating passive income, you have to invest in the right tools, learn a lot of things, and have to become a one-man army. The competition is really insane, only true fighters can survive in blogging in 2022.

So, for all serious bloggers, I always recommend starting blogging with WordPress. Now I am not talking about WordPress.com, as this is also free. I am talking about the open source WordPress.org which you need to install on your domain on a hosting. I will explain everything in the coming steps.

Do you want to know which is the most preferred blogging platform in the world? Then I am sure you will find the below data useful. There are plenty of popular websites that you are reading daily that use WordPress to set up & run their website. If I have to list out the data in a tabular format, then it will look like this.

Top In CMS Usage Distribution on the Entire Internet
Progress Sitefinity1,826,1152.96
GoDaddy Website Builder1,527,1632.47
Google Search Appliance1,071,1471.74
Amazon Redirect979,5011.59

If you are worried about the cost of running a blog, then let me tell you upfront that it is very much minimal compared to any business you set up online. And I will tell you every possible tip so that you can save money on your blogging expenses, don’t worry about that.

Step 2: Choose A Profitable Blog Niche / Topic

Here I have not just said a blog niche, I have mentioned a profitable blog niche or a blog topic that has the potential to earn money. Have you noticed why I have mentioned the profitable term with that?

Because my intention here is to teach you to make a successful blog in 2022 so that you can actually earn money from that. It’s not just like creating a blog and starting writing anything you love. That is called hobby blogging.

E.g. if you love to cook then you can simply post your recipes & pictures casually on a blog and be happy. But if you want to do serious recipe blogging, then you have to learn a lot so that you can make your website & recipes popular. And that’s where the difference between hobby blogging Vs Professional blogging.

To create a money-making blog in 2022, you have to understand one thing, whatever people are searching online that is what we need to focus on and find out where your skill and opportunity meet together. And that’s what a profitable blog niche is all about.

E.g. if someone is searching for “What Is Washing Machine”, then that person is trying to understand what is that all about. But when a person is searching for “Best Washing Machine in India” then the intention is to find a machine to buy online. And that’s where all the opportunities lie for bloggers.

So, make sure the Blog Niche you are looking for has strong buyer intent.

Some examples of a profitable niche

So, you have to be more focused on niche selection. E.g. I am writing about blogging & WordPress-related topics on this website. If you want to make it more specific, then you can write only on blogging tips or web hosting-related topics. That is what is called a niche selection process, which is a must before even buying a domain name.

E.g. If you visit the Amazon website and look for their categories you can easily understand that there are plenty of topics to pick as a profitable blog niche. As people visit Amazon to buy something and if you write on any of those category-related products, you will earn money in the coming days through affiliate marketing.

If you want to start a blog in 2022 and make money, then you have to choose the most profitable blog niches in 2022 or high-demand blog topics. But What is the best niche to make money?

Let’s explore a few of them to start a blog.

  • How to Make Money
  • Personal Finance
  • Health and Fitness
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Home & Lifestyle
  • Personal Development

On which topic do you think you can write better content? You can share regular experiences and help people by writing quality problem-solving content? That should be your blog niche & you’re ready for learning how to start a blog in 2022 further.

In 2022, you must focus on a single topic (consider upcoming topics or new things happening around) and try to be an expert on that. Whatever the topic could be, if you think you can create a very detailed blog around that topic and that has a good potential to make money then just go for that. Don’t try multiple topics on a single blog. Keyword competition, traffic, volume everything is fine, but if you think that you can create something unique in that category, then go for it. E.g. before the Coronavirus pandemic, people used to consider dishwashers a luxury item, but you know how the demand increases during the pandemic.

Step 3: Pick A Good Domain Name For Your Blog

As soon as you are done with your blog niche, the next question will be how do I choose a catchy domain name?

What is A Domain name?

Your domain name will represent your business & brand. In simple terms, it is the online address of your business. If you have to tell your customer about your business or services, you can provide them your domain name and they can easily find out all the information in one place.

How To Find A Good Domain Name?

Your domain name should represent your website topics. If you are starting a multi-niche blog (like a news website), then try to find out a generic or brandable domain name. Because you are going to write on different categories, not on a single topic.

Few examples of the multi-niche website:

  • https://lifehacker.com
  • https://www.huffingtonpost.in

But if your plan is to start a niche website or micro-niche affiliate site, then you have to find a suitable domain keeping that main keyword in the domain name.

Here are a few good examples of micro-niche affiliate websites.

  • KidsTabletsWithWiFi.com
  • FootballSnackHelmets.com

Things to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name

  • Make sure you are 100% satisfied with your niche selection and domain name.
  • Make sure to keep the domain short and crisp. If you target a single niche website, then keep the main keyword or targeted long-tail keywords. This is good for SEO.
  • Try to buy the .com extension, in case you don’t have any country-specific requirements.
  • Don’t add any trademark terms. E.g. if you are starting a website of Amazon offers or Flipkart sales, then never buy a website like Flipkartoffers.com. You will be in big trouble in the future.
  • Try to avoid numbers, hyphens, etc. In case you are not able to get the targeted keyword-rich domain, then you can definitely add numbers.
  • If you are starting an affiliate website on a single niche, then try to put the buyer intent terms like Best Black Friday Deals 2021, Best Product Price Under, etc.

You can always take the help of the Domain Name Generator Tools to find out awesome domain names in your niche, before registering them. E.g. I always use Leandomainsearch.com before going to either NameCheap or GoDaddy.

How Much Does Domain Name Cost?

Generally, a .COM domain name will cost you around $12-$15/year depending upon the discounts offered by different websites. You can buy a domain name using any of these Domain Name Registrar websites (E.g. GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc). If you buy any country-specific domain like .in or .us or .uk your price will be different. There are different types of domain extensions available and you have to pick the right one as per your need.

If you ask me about cheap domain names, then I will recommend you to check Namecheap as they do offer various discounts on domain purchases. But if you want to get a Free Domain then I have 2 options for you.

Step 4: Buy A GOOD WordPress Hosting Plan

If you are searching for how to start blogging for free, then you must try Blogger.com. But I am here to help you to start a blog on a self-hosted WordPress platform, as we are serious about making money from blogging.

Note: If you are not aware then you can check out the list of best hosting by WordPress itself.

Now, why do you need a hosting plan? It’s simple. In the internet world, if you want to show your website to the world, you have to upload the files of your website somewhere from where they can be accessed 24X7 without any kind of disturbance. And that’s why you need a web hosting plan.

But how much it will cost me to buy a hosting plan?

When we talk about web hosting, you have to be ready to spend some money. And that is where many people get scared. But as I have mentioned earlier, you have to invest properly to set up your blogging business.

In the market, there are many web hosting companies and you will see many people are offering the cheapest plans, fastest plans, amazing plans, etc. I would say, just stay out of these distractions.

Let’s make this very simple by following some simple rules while choosing the right hosting as a beginner.

  • As a beginner, your blog will have zero traffic, zero content and almost nothing on that. So, don’t get carried away with these fancy terms like fast loading, high performance etc technical terms to choose the right hosting. Just start with a cheap and reliable shared hosting plan from a trusted brand. That’s enough to start a blog in 2021.
  • As we are talking about WordPress, let’s focus on WordPress hosting. They are nothing but shared hosting plans only which are highly equipped to provide a better experience to WordPress blogs.
  • The next point is the hosting server location. If you are creating a blog for an Indian audience then make sure to buy hosting with India based server location. This will help your website to load faster in India. And the same theory goes with any country.

Best WordPress Hosting For Bloggers in 2022 [My Recommendations]

I am sure you already understand what are the hosting companies I am going to recommend. So far in the last 10 years, I have tried many web hosting plans and that’s how I am aware of what is good and what is not. Honestly, I found SiteGround WordPress hosting as the best one for beginners before they raise the price and later discontinued their services in India and many other Asian countries.

So, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything.

There are many other amazing web hosting companies that are doing really great by offering affordable plans to beginners with high-quality servers. And in this list, I found Bluehost.com as one of the trusted companies and also I found Hostinger as one of the best affordable options for beginners.

So, here are my top 5 recommended hosting services to start a blog in 2022.

  • Bluehost.com – Starting $2.95/mo (Special price)
  • Hostinger.com – Starting Rs 59/mo [Exclusively for Indian Bloggers]
  • A2Hosting.com – Starting $2.99/mo
  • Cloudways.com – Starting $10/mo [#1 Cloud Hosting Company]
  • HostArmada.com – Starting #4.99/mo

So, how exactly I have decided to choose the best WordPress hosting for my blog?

Honestly, Cloudways Hosting with Digital Ocean will give you the best performance. But price wise it is very costly and to set up a WordPress website you need to understand various technical things. Which is not that difficult in the case of cPanel-based shared hosting plans.

As I was looking for a SiteGround alternative hosting, I found Bluehost as the perfect fit. They offer some amazing features with very fast servers. That’s why I decided to host this website on their Top Plan, which is the Choice Plus plan. I availed 66% OFF Bluehost Black Friday deal and bought their hosting for the next 3 years. I am tracking all the best web hosting deals at one place, so bookmark this page.

Step 5: Install WordPress & Set Up Your Blog

As you have done the hosting purchase, now you have to install WordPress on your domain name. I have explained all the step-by-step guides in the below video. You can watch this video and then follow the exact steps to set up your website on Bluehost.

Or else you can read the below tutorials to install WordPress on Bluehost and Hostinger Hosting.

Step 6: Install A Fast Loading WordPress Theme

I never compromise with my website design as this is the face of my business. That’s why I always recommend buying a premium WordPress theme. This is one of the mandatory investments ones that must run the blogging business. 

Which theme is best for WordPress Sites in 2022? Let me share the most popular WordPress themes which are fast loading, SEO friendly, and highly secure. 

  • GeneratePress (Only $59/year)
  • Genesis Framework (Only $59 for Lifetime)
  • Schema Pro Theme from MyThemeShop

But I am using a new theme in the market, Affiliate Booster theme which is a perfect combo for affiliate marketers. Yes, to create conversion-optimized content you have to use a lot of elements. And affiliate booster theme comes with a hell lot of features which is really amazing.

  • Affiliate Booster is a Schema Optimized WordPress Theme
  • Ultra-Fast Loading
  • Google SEO Score – 99
  • Facilitates Easy Customization of Your Website
  • Good Typography Control
  • Good Color Control
  • This is a Mobile Responsive Theme
  • Gutenberg & Elementor Compatible Theme
  • Free Affiliate Booster Plugin that Empowers Gutenberg Blocks
  • Enhances CTR for Affiliates via Affiliate Booster Plugin
  • The plugin is Best for Affiliate Blogs (Excellent for Amazon Affiliates)
  • 25% Discount Running for the Theme (current)

I will share a detailed review of the Affiliate Booster theme in the coming days. But right now, if you are focusing on making money using affiliate marketing, then you can try this theme on your blog. In case you are not ready to spend money on themes, then check out these free WordPress themes.

Step 7: Install Essential Plugins for WordPress

The best part of WordPress is that you will find a plugin for whatever problem you face. But installing many plugins will slow down your website. So, here are the list of WordPress plugins that I have installed & always recommend you install on your blog.

  • Thrive Architect: Website design plays a huge role in 2022. So, just installing a theme may not be enough as your competitors are designing some stunning websites. You can use this amazing tool to create any kind of landing page. This is one of my favorite drag & drop page builder plugins for WordPress. Remember, user experience is a key factor to increase your website engagement and in return, your website will be rewarded with a higher ranking. So, make sure to use any of the page builder plugins like Thrive Architect or Elementor. If you don’t want to spend money then use Gutenberg Blocks To create custom homepage.
  • Rank Math SEO Plugin: Rank Math SEO Plugin is not just an SEO plugin. This is one of my favorite plugins which is helping me to do the on-page SEO and many other things smoothly. This plugin is far better compared to Yoast SEO Plugin & undoubtedly my #1 Best SEO Plugin for WordPress. You can actually use the plugin in multiple ways and avoid installing additional plugins.
  • WP Rocket: This is the plugin that helped me to get a fast loading website and very good page speed score in GTMetrix tool. Last year during WP Rocket Black Friday sale, I bought this amazing plugin and trust me my website speed has improved a lot. Undoubtedly the #1 Best Cache Plugin for WordPress. Don’t want to spend money, then you can use the Litespeed Cache plugin which is Free and 100% compatible with HostArmada hosting plans as well.
  • Thrive Leads:  This is the best plugin to collect emails from your audience. If you are looking for a cheap OptinMonster alternative, then Thrive Leads is the best email list-building plugin. You can check out my home page where in the HERO Area I have added an eBook Download button and if you click on that button you will get a popup. Not only that, if you try to go out of my website, you will get another popup [exit intent] that I have created using this amazing tool. You need these amazing products if you really want to make money from your blog. For email sign up & exit intent, there is not good free alternatives.
  • Backup Plugin: I always recommend you t use the UpdraftPLUS plugin as it’s the best free backup plugin. But as a Bluehost user, you don’t have to worry about that. Although you will get free backup with hosting plans, I would recommend to take physical backup to make sure an extra layer of security.
  • Social Snap Pro: Social snap is a social sharing plugin, But I like this plugin so much because they help to drive traffic from mediums like – Facebook, Twitter, and many more platforms. This is the plugin I am using on this website as well. Just check the left-side social sharing button. Click on the “+” sign and you can find that there are 30+ options to share this article on different social platforms. You can use their Free version as well.

So, these are the necessary WordPress plugins you can install on your blog. If you don’t want to spend any money, I have mentioned their free options as well. You can start for free. But again, I always believe in investing at the right time and that’s why I always recommend the same.

Step 8: Make Necessary SEO Settings

Whatever theme you use on your blog, you have to make sure that you opted for the right SEO settings for your website so that Google can find your website, and easily crawl all articles. Otherwise, even if you write killer content, your articles will not get indexed.

So, follow the below checklist and do all the necessary settings after installing WordPress on your domain. These settings are common for any WordPress theme.

Change Permalink: Permalink is nothing but the URL structure of your website. When you first install WordPress, it will be a very ugly one. make sure to change the permalink as POST NAME as this is highly recommended, SEO friendly, and looks clean.

Install SEO Plugin: You need an SEO Plugin so that you can make sure you can handle your website SEO easily. So far I found Yoast SEO or Rank Math, anyone you can install in your blog. Though Rank Math is comparatively better as they offer many features as free compared to Yoast SEO Plugin.

Create A Sitemap: A sitemap is nothing but an XML file where your entire website information can be explored easily by any search engine. So make sure to create a sitemap for your WordPress blog using any SEO Plugin like Yoast SEO Plugin or Rank Math SEO Plugin.

Submit Sitemap: After creating the sitemap, you have to submit the same to different search engines. E.g. you have to create an account in the Google search console and then submit the sitemap to that so that Google can easily discover your website. Similarly, you can do the same with the Bing search engine as well.

These are the very basic settings that I want you to check and complete after installing WordPress on your domain name. Before proceeding to the next topic, make sure you create all the necessary pages after starting a blog in 2021.

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy policy
  • Blog
  • Custom Homepage
  • Affiliate Disclaimer

I will share more about them in detail and also update this page gradually. You will also find various video tutorials related to that on my YouTube channel.

Step 9: Write and Publish Your First Blog Post

So, we have reached to the step where we have to create good content for our blog. Now you can hire a content writer for your blog or else start writing content for your blog. That will completely depend up on your blogging plan.

E.g. I always write all the content on this website on my own as I want to share my personal experience, and personal feelings while helping people. But for affiliate websites or micro niche blogs, I do hire content writers.

But as a blogger, you must learn to write good content. Otherwise, you can’t connect with your readers. There are millions of blogs out there, why someone will read your content? Think about it.

Now to write your first content on WordPress, you have to go to the POST area. And then click on New Post to create a new article. In your WordPress dashboard, from the left side click on the post option.

As soon as you click on that, you will find a screen like the one below. This is called Gutenberg editor. By default, WordPress comes with the Gutenberg editor which is a drag & drop editor. You will find various types of blocks that you can use to write a conversion-optimized blog post.

Gutenberg editor is a mandatory editor now. If you don’t like to use this editor and want to go back to the old editor then you have to install an additional plugin. But I don’t recommend that, as it is better to be with the changes and learn technologies as early as possible.

You can refer to this detailed guide on how to use the Gutenberg editor and learn to use this editor. This is a very powerful tool now and you can very easily create conversion-optimized content. And as I am using the Affiliate Booster theme, I am getting some added blocks as well which is helping me to create amazing blocks on this website.

How do I create a blog post (Tips & Tricks)?

Your first blog post could be on anything in your niche. Don’t sit and relax as you are done with the technical parts of how to start a blog for free guide.

  • Whatever is your niche, you can start writing a blog post about your journey. E.g. how did you create this blog, why you decided to start a blog, what is your inspiration to start a blog, what is the purpose of creating this website etc.
  • If you have started a multi-niche news website, then definitely you can start writing on any topic which is trending. You can check with Google trends and start writing your first article. But better not to go in that way as multi-niche blogging is not at all an easy thing to do. You may lose interest and not be able to deliver content as per your expectations. So, better to spend enough time writing on a specific niche. E.g. I am writing about blogging tips, how to start a WordPress blog in 2022 for passive income guide on this website. So, it is quite easy for me to concentrate and create content on similar interests continuously without irritating my readers.
  • If you have a plan to start a micro-niche site, then you should focus on creating a home page concentrating on the main keyword and putting every single piece of information.
  • Do you know what kind of content people read more online? People mostly search topics with terms like How To, Top 10, Best Of, List Of, Reviews, What Is etc. So you can easily look for such terms and list out all suitable topics before writing your first content on your blog.
  • Install the Grammarly Chrome extension so that you can make sure your English is grammatically correct. It’s very obvious that from day 1 one can’t be a master of writing. But we must have the intention to learn things and deliver the correct information to our audience.

So, this is just an overall guide to help you out to write your first content. Writing quality content is always a challenge as we are mostly writing on similar topics that others are writing. So, you have to concentrate on creating something different from the existing ones.

Step 10: Learn To Promote Your Blog Post & Get First Traffic

So, you wrote some amazing articles but who is reading your blog post? Yes, as a beginner no one will come to know that you have a website where you share articles. Typically Google or any search engine will never consider your website as it’s completely new. So, you have to wait to get your article index on Google.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring readers or traffic to your blog as a beginner. In this section, I will help you to bring traffic to your blog, even if you have just created a blog in 2022.

In that case, what to do to bring initial traffic to your blog?

  • Make a list of blogs in your niche. Then start visiting their blogs and write quality comments on their blog post. Make sure you keep your name and website address while commenting. Don’t put any keywords, these tricks don’t work.
  • Be active in social media and engage more in Facebook groups. Almost every group has its own rules where you will get a chance to share your blog post. E.g. I generally run a #BlogPromotion thread every week on Saturday. On that day you can share your blog post and get noticed by other bloggers and also get shared by them as well. This is a very good way to get recognized by bloggers and earn their first kick.
  • Sign up to question-answer websites like Quora and start answering relevant questions in your blog niche. If you find any suitable opportunity to link your article, do that. You will get a good amount of quality traffic to your blog.
  • Use platforms like ViralContentBee, where you can get more exposure on different social platforms by sharing others’ content. In return, they will also share your content and you will get more traffic.

Getting traffic is serious work and you just can’t do it one day. Definitely you can run some Facebook Ads or Google Ads to get traffic, but paid traffic is not what I am talking about. From my experiences, 1 thing I have realized is that only organic traffic converts best in affiliate marketing.

As a beginner, you can spend some money to get some audience, but that can’t be the regular process. You have to rely on getting your articles index on Google, get good social reach and other methods that will also help your blog to grow as authority indirectly.

Step 11: Start Building A Community & email list

After starting a blog in 2022, this is one of the major steps that you must take from day 1. Yes, I have ignored email marketing for a long time and I know how many opportunities I have lost by doing so.

Understand one thing clearly: when people start coming to your website, they will come, read your content and then leave your website. And the majority of them may not come to your website back until they don’t follow you.

So that’s why you must start building a community where you can ask your loyal readers to join and gradually feed them with regular content. And there are various ways to do that.

  • Create A Facebook Group: My FB Group has now more than 22,000 members and that happened in just 2 years. They are the people who actually follow my blog and always support me to do better. Whatever information I want to share I just need to share it with that Group and it reaches to all of them. So, make sure you also create your own community.
  • Create An Email List: Gone are the days when a simple newsletter Sign Up form can do the magic. In 2022, you have to offer something amazing so that your audience can get convinced to share their email address with you. You can create a free eBook and offer them as free of cost when they join your email list.
  • Create YouTube Channel: Don’t ignore the importance of video in 2022. People are watching more videos and that’s where the opportunity. Create a YouTube channel in your blog name and then start creating video content. This way you will get many people coming to your website through your videos as well.

So, these are a few of the things that you can start focusing on as a beginner to grow gradually. See things may not change from day 1, but if you don’t take these efforts from the beginning you can grow with time. This is a very crucial step in this detailed tutorial about how to start a blog in 2021.

Step 12: Let’s Get Into Making Money From The Blog

So, we are done with our entire blog setup guide and now we want to make some money from our blog. I am sure that you have many times that you have to wait for a few months before making money from your blog. I am not saying that it is wrong.

But this is not 100% true, you can actually make money as soon as you are ready with your content. How? Let me clear this first.

When we talk about making money from a blog, most people think about Advertising options. This is a great way, but it needs a lot of traffic before starts making money. But if you focus on Affiliate Marketing, then you can actually earn money from the early days of blogging journey as well.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple terms, before buying any product people mostly search online to do initial research. And for that they generally search like Best Product, Top 10 Products, Comparison, How To Guides, Reviews etc so that they get a clear understanding about what they are going to buy.

Now, if you can provide such useful content through your blog then a reader will all the necessary information from your content, and if they got convinced they will definitely use the links from your blog post to purchase that product.

E.g. in this how to start a blog in 2022 guide I have mentioned various products to create a successful website on WordPress. Now someone finds this article useful and purchases any of these products like Hosting, Theme or Plugin, I will earn a small commission from those companies. Of course, it will not impact the budget of the buyer.

Isn’t it amazing?

This is called affiliate marketing. But this is not that easy as you need to understand the process and learn various skills before delivering content that can convince customers to buy using your links. Let me share some tips to make most out of affiliate marketing in 2021.

  • The very first thing you must give focus is the product you are referring to, whether you have tried that one or not. Readers are very much cautious now, so don’t just refer to anything as this may kill their trust as well. So, first, try something your own and then only refer.
  • Share extensive guides, articles, tutorials, and solve problems so that people actually understand how much knowledge you have about that product. Again this way you can gain the trust of your reader and it will help to convert more.
  • You have to understand what exactly people are searching for online before they buy online. This is called search intent and you have to understand the Buyer Search Intent so that you can focus on those types of content. I will talk more about this topic in coming days.

So, affiliate marketing is something for which there are no criteria for traffic. If someone searches for something to make a buying decision and discovers your blog post then you can make money from your blog even with very less traffic. That means, if you really work hard and start getting good traffic on those articles, you can actually make huge money online using affiliate marketing.

Besides affiliate marketing, there are various other ways to make money online. Let me talk about them as well.

FAQs Related To Starting A Blog in 2022 For Passive Income

How To Start A Blog And Make Money?

This is what I have explained in this article. If you follow this guide completely then you will end up starting a WordPress blog. After that, you have to grow your blog gradually and then follow these techniques to make money from your blog.

How To Start A Blog on Facebook?

If you want to blog on Facebook, then you have to create a Facebook Page first. And then gradually post content related to the Facebook Page and attract the audience. If you can grow your Facebook page with lakhs of followers then you can make money by accepting advertising & promotions.

Where Can I Start A Blog For FREE?

There are many free blogging platforms where you can easily set up your own blog for free. E.g. WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Weebly.com, etc.

How Much To Start A Blog?

The main expense behind creating a WordPress blog is the domain registration cost & web-hosting cost. I have mentioned that already in this how to start a blog guide.

Can I Start A Blog On My Phone?

Yes, you can create a blog using your phone also. But blogging from the phone is not that user-friendly. You need a laptop to handle many other things like blog design, creating good content and writing smoothly.

How many articles to start a blog?

There are no such numbers. Definitely, in the beginning, you will have a very less number of posts. Keep writing articles related to your blog niche and gradually your blog will grow.

Can You Start A Blog on Instagram?

Yes, you can also do blogging on Instagram. The concept is similar only. You have to share useful pictures and posts on your Instagram. Gradually you have to grow your Instagram profile and gain more followers with regular posts & Instagram stories. If you have a good follower, you can make money by recommending or promoting brands.

How do you make your own blog?

This is what I have explained in this detailed guide to starting a blog from scratch. If you have any further questions, please ask me by writing a comment below.

How to create your own blog page?

When you set up your website or blog, you can create blog posts and also different pages within your blog. If your blog is on WordPress, then you can create unlimited blog pages with WordPress.

How to write a professional blog?

To become a professional blog writer, you have to practice a lot, read a lot and write a lot about your expert topics on your blog. It takes time to become an expert writer, but it’s not impossible.

How to find the most successful blog topics?

First of all, you have to look for your competitors in the same niche. Then you can easily find out what topics will bring traffic to your blog. You can read this guide about finding new blog topics for more details.

How and where to start a blog?

I have explained everything on this page. Just make sure to start a WordPress blog with a popular hosting like Bluehost. You should invest wisely and keep learning to grow your blog.

What type of blog should I start?

Well, this will completely depend upon your interest. You should find out the topic where you can share articles to the best of your knowledge. Then only you can share something useful for readers.

How to become a blogger for free?

If you want to become a blogger without spending a single penny, then you can create a blog on the Google Blogger platform.

Is Setting up a blog for dummies difficult?

Setting up a WordPress blog is just like fun. I have shared a detailed step-by-step guide to setting up your blog with Bluehost WordPress Hosting. Just follow the tutorials and you will be able to make it for sure.

What is a blog and how do you start one

A blog is nothing but a website only. But a website may have some fixed pages, wherein on a blog you can create pages or articles regularly.

How to start a blogging business?

Blogging business is all about sharing useful information to educate people and then selling your products or promoting others through affiliate marketing. The first step is by creating your own blog and start posting articles as per your expertise.

That’s It (How To Make A Successful Blog That Earns Money in 2022)

So, finally, you are done with this massive guide about how to start a blog in 2022. I am sure you are happy like me to start your blogging journey on WordPress.

Just remember one thing, what I have learned in the last 10 years. Don’t hesitate to buy premium tools that are essential to growing your blog. The more you delay, the more you will lose. That’s why I have decided to invest in all essential tools & plugins to give the best performance & look for my website.

I put a huge effort to create this long guide on How To Start a Blog in 2022 for generating extra income with lots of screenshots. My purpose is to simplify the process of starting a WordPress blog quickly. Probably it may take 10-15 minutes max if you understand the process.

In case you have any doubt regarding setting up a blog on WordPress or any kind of information, then Join the Facebook Group. You can ask me anything, I would love to resolve your questions. In fact, there are many other awesome bloggers who can help you out. Feel free to ask your questions regarding this topic “how to start your blog on WordPress”.

Lastly, my humble request to you is that, please share this article on social platforms. So that more bloggers can read this detailed guide and understand how blogging works . Thank you for showing all your love and trust towards my effort.

Lastly, One Request ....

My humble request to you is that, please share this article on social platforms. We put a lot of hard work to create the content for you so that you can learn everything for free. Your one share will always motivate us and encourage us to create more content to help you. Thank you for showing all your love and trust towards my effort.

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