Finally, I am able to bring Ryan Biddulph on my blogger Interview series column. He needs no introduction, A successful blogger who is living a laptop lifestyle by traveling the world. Ryan is a successful Amazon eBook writer, his story has been featured on Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur & many more popular publications.

If you are planning to start a career in blogging and have any doubt about the potential of blogging, then you must read the journey of Ryan Biddulph. He left his job long back and make living out of blogging & freely traveling the world in his own terms. Let’s read this awesome & inspirational interview with Ryan Biddulph.

Interview of Ryan Biddulph (

This is a very interesting discussion and you will be able to know some awesome facts about laptop lifestyle through blogging and also learn how to self-publish eBooks on Amazon & make money from that.

Hey Ryan, welcome to my blog. I am sure people need no introduction to you & your blog. I would rather ask you, in which country you are right now 🙂

Hi Santanu, great to be here. Thanks for having me. I am back home in New Jersey now, in the United States.

Why Ryan Biddulph is so popular in the Blogging industry?

I think of myself being just like every blogger and have lots of fun blogging. People seem to enjoy that I am pretty humble, blog mainly for fun and enjoy genuinely helping people.

From where have you started your blogging journey? Could you please share that story?

I began blogging 10 years ago in the make money online niche. But in 2014 I created BloggingFromParadise.Com to help bloggers succeed online. Before blogging, I worked as a security guard but lost my job due to downsizing. I had no idea what to do next but my wife told me about making money online. I bought my domain and hosting and never looked back.

How did you decide the name of your blog, BloggingFromParadise?

I wanted to tell my life story. Since I blogged while traveling since 2014, I brainstormed the idea of sharing how I blogged from many tropical paradises all over the globe. I thought but my wife Kelli said sounded better. I agreed with her because it is always smart to agree with your wife, LOL!

Could you please share your blogging schedule? How many hours do you work every day?

I usually work 6-10 hours daily. I wake up and walk for 90 minutes to exercise. I then write my first blog post and 2 guest posts. After doing some networking like blog commenting and promoting other bloggers on social media, I begin writing more guest posts. I stop to do 90 minutes of deep yin yoga. I then either write again or network, then, I spend time at night watching Netflix or doing travel-related stuff.

How did you incorporate travel in your life and why?

I travel quite a bit because traveling with an open mind brings the world together. You see we are all very alike in so many ways even if our cultures differ a bit. Plus I met 3 of my buddies and fellow bloggers when I visited Muhamma and Chennai in India, which was so much fun!

Can I call you a travel blogger? Do you also share articles like every travel blogger do?

I do a bit of travel blogging but more blogging tips blogging. Sure I do write some travel blogging articles to help my readers experience global hot spots through my eyes.

How many countries have you traveled till now? And how exactly you managed that (time, money & planning).

Currently, I believe I visited 43 countries.  My wife is like my travel agent because she books trip and plans trips. We usually find cheap flight tickets online and have been house sitting a lot because sitting pulls us to places we had not thought to visit.

Many people want to travel the world. Do you think blogging can give them that freedom?

Definitely. So much freedom in blogging. The key is to be 100% committed to blogging and blogging will be 100% committed to you.

You wrote 100s of eBooks so far (correct me if I am wrong). How have you done that?

Right now I have written 126 eBooks. I wrote one eBook daily for 90 days straight in Bali during one creative stretch in my life. I was in the flow, or in the zone, and just kept writing about practical tips I could share. Each eBook is 6000 words so it was like writing one pillar style post daily.

Writing an eBook looks extremely easy for you when people struggle to publish the first one. Please share some cool tips for the beginners.

Write what you know, write having fun with it and do not overthink it. Imagine an eBook being a REALLY long blog post. Most bloggers can likely write one post daily if they put their mind to it. So you can write one, 6000 word eBook over 2-3 weeks, easily.

From where did you get all these inspirations to write so many eBooks?

God 🙂 Seriously buddy; I just relaxed, slowed down, and I began to observe all these experiences I had in my life, and God ordered the experiences into ideas I recorded and wrote about, through my eBooks.

What are the benefits of “Laptop Lifestyle” and drawbacks, if any?

Benefits include oodles of freedom, loads of fun, fascination with learning about different cultures and the ability to bring the world together, by connecting humanity. The biggest drawback is sometimes it is really uncomfortable.

I had so much fun in India and look forward to returning for sure, but I got giardia in Bangalore and because I did not go to the doctor quickly enough, I almost died from dehydration. But the skilled, compassionate doctor saved my life, and I learned once again that living the laptop lifestyle comes with many uncomfortable situations, too.

People are dying to leave their 9-5 job and live their life on a beach. Is it really possible? How?

Yes, if you make freedom a priority, you can do it. Choose freedom over fear to make an exit plan for leaving your job to live a life of blogging and travel.

What are the few blogging myths people trust in 2019 also?

Getting rich quick through blogging, believing blogging is easy, and thinking that you can manipulate influencers in to help you become successful are all myths that need to go, in 2019.

What is the meaning of success in the blogging industry?

Success in blogging is having fun, helping people and living your dreams.

Why do the majority of bloggers fail according to you?

Most bloggers blog from dominant energy of fear and fail because they never face, embrace and release their fears. Failure and struggles indicate you make most blogging choices from fear, not love, harmony, abundance, and detachment.

What is the importance of networking in Blogging? How do you do that?

Networking amplifies your reach. Example; this interview. Since we networked and befriended each other, you give me awesome exposure through this interview and I give you a helpful interview through my 10 years of experience. Win-win! Network by being generous. Promote other bloggers, comment genuinely on their blogs, expect nothing, and you will become a connected blogger.

I read recently that you have written 800+ guest articles. WOW! How many years did it take to achieve this number?

I wrote 800 on Blogging Tips alone but 2,000 plus guest posts all together 😉 It took me about 7 years to write this many guest posts.

Please share some tips for the beginners while writing their next guest post.

Think of the audience before you write the guest post. Address their problems.

Do your best job possible. Some silly bloggers do an awesome job on their own blog but hold back and do a poor job on guest posts, being selfish. Do your best job at all times online to see the greatest success.

Keep guest posting. Do not give up! Good things take time, and plenty of positive, detached effort.

How do you keep yourself so minimalistic, despite being so popular in the blogging industry?

You enter life with no possessions and leave life with no possessions. I never saw a newborn baby with a mansion and no dying person ever took their 20 cars with them to the afterlife.

I enjoy having money and spending money but overall, physical possessions mean little to me because life is about experiences more than anything else. I don’t want to own much but I do love to see the world, and it’s easier to travel the world when you do not have to take care of many physical possessions.

Please share some tips about how to balance life & blogging.

Think freedom. Always make freedom first and foremost in your life.

Schedule 2-3 hours daily for exercise and mindset training. Set aside 2-3 hours or more for family time, entertainment and time spent in nature. You will have your greatest blogging success when you are rested, energized and clear thinking.

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