Hello Friends, in our Interview Series, today we have Mohammad Umer Idrisi from AllBlogThings.com. He is one of the youngest bloggers from Pakistan. He mostly shares tips and tricks related to blogging, SEO and making money online through his blog All Blog Things.

Muhammad Umer believes that “the biggest tool for blogging or any other thing is our MIND”. Also one must start blogging to help others and not just to make money online.

In this interview with GROWBLOGGING, he has shared some really useful tips for the newbies in blogging along with his link building strategies and SEO trends of 2016-17. We are very much thankful to Umer for taking time to answer the questions. So, without much wait, let’s start the discussion now.

Question: Hi Umer, welcome to WPB360. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Umer: Hi Manidipa, first of all thanks for this opportunity and after that I want to say congrats to your readers as they have an awesome author (you). As me I am just a hard worker who is blogging since I know what internet is and how we can Google. As for now I am an entrepreneur dreaming about becoming a singer and blogging to make a living. Because I know without money we can’t survive in this holy world.

Question: When did you first start blogging? Is your first blog still live?

Umer: I started blogging back in 2011 as I’ve mentioned above “doing blogging since I know what is internet” and I found internet in my friends computer in 2011 and just created my first blog in that year, but my bad luck, I did not know much about blogging even the meaning of a blog and I just knew about “website” and can remember that I’ve created my first ever website without any cost. Again! My first blog got deleted 3 months ago by Google (because I’ve posted real hacking tips there) as that blog was hosted on Blogger servers.

Question: What your blog AllBlogThings is all about? What was the reason to choose this blogging niche?

Umer: Well, there is no awesome reason behind choosing this blogging niche, even I am not aware of niche word when I started to post on AllBlogThings officially. I just found some good blogs in this niche making good money and for the sake of money I started this blog on Blogging niche to help newbies make money.

Question: Do you run any other blog/ blogs actively?

Umer: Not actively!

But I have many other blogs which leads me to make more money and I also do event blogging.

Question: Would you like to share your daily blogging routine?

Umer: Hmm! I don’t want to work like a 9 to 5 job, that’s why there is nothing like daily blogging routine in my blogging journey. Whenever I get time from listening music and watching movies I do blogging and whenever I get a great idea to write on, I do blogging. You can say I blog for 5 to 8 hours a day in some days of the week.

Question: What are the early blogging mistakes of your blogging journey?

Umer: Mistakes makes a man perfect.

No! I am not a perfect man but a good one. Yes, I’ve done so many mistakes in my blogging journey such as created two AdSense accounts using Blackhat methods and self-clicking (got $2 by self-clicking) and they disabled my account and ban one of my good traffic blogs. I just want to suggest that please start your blog just to help others and don’t ever eat others meal, do your own and hard work.

Question: Do you use any blogging tools? (If yes) How they have helped you in blogging?

Umer: I don’t (because tools give us old data). The biggest tool for blogging or any other thing is our MIND, we can use it as a perfect and reliable tool.

Question: There are many social networking sites out there. Which one has worked best for you to drive traffic?

Umer: Ah! I do use Facebook, Google+, Twitter and some others but to get good traffic I recommend Google+ and Facebook. However, many times I got real and converting (money making) visits from Twitter.

Question: According to you, what are the SEO strategies in 2016?

Umer: According to me for 2016 and 2017 the SEO will not be ABC for many pros and starters, as Google and other search engines making it more difficult to rank better without hardworking and bringing quality content. It means we’ve to create quality content rather than making only backlinks to a blank page and videos makes sense in blog post as people will stay for more time on your blog posts and search engine bots loves the time of readers/viewers spend on your blog.

Question: How much importance do you give to link building? What are the best link building strategies for a beginner?

Umer: I do link building but in a different way such as to comment where I love to say my words and to give service for free (getting backlinks for giving a service) you can say I’ve created some templates and they all are premium but freely available just you have to give a backlink to my blog (this strategy is not good for now). For a newbie it’s easy to build backlinks by commenting on other “same niche” blogs and by guest posting.

Question: Are you generating income from your blog? Would you like to share about your income/ sources?

Umer: Yes! I am generating good income from my blog(s) and the source of income is display and text based ads. The main tool I use to earn from my blogs is Google Adsense.

Question: What do you like to do when you are not blogging?

Umer: I watch music videos, Hollywood movies and the best thing “I sleep as much as I can”.

Question: What is your best blogging moment till now?

Umer: Oh! That day when I got $6 CPC at my Adsense account (oct 2014) and when I got 3,000+ active readers on AllBlogThings.com in single day.

Question: What are your next blogging plans?

Umer: So many and many! I’ll try to quite blogging and start my own advertising agency but you know I can’t as I am a blogger from the core of my heart, I have a plan to create a social network which will help people not like Facebook nor Twitter but in a different and advanced way.

Question: Would you like to share some tips for the beginners who want to start a blog in near future?

Umer: Yes! I love that first day when I come to know about blogging and I found nothing but tricks to earn quick money. Which is just a crap, many can earn and many will lost their own money. What I suggest to newbies at blogging is:

  1. Search about the topic you like to cover on your blog
  2. Don’t blog on “blogging” niche, you can choose any micro niche such as how you use your iPhone or any DIY.
  3. Don’t think about earning money quickly, instead try to make your blog worthy for readers and search engines too.
  4. A top level domain or a good hosting is an amazing thing, but put belief on me “you can earn without having a top level domain or costly hosting”.

As I’ve tested and earned with blogspot* sub domain and free hosting by Google. Take care and stay blessed guys.

Thanks again Umer for sharing your insights with the readers of GROWBLOGGING. In case you want to know any other tips on blogging, please feel free to ask in the comments below.