Is Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Worth It in 2022?

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Do you really need Bluehost Codeguard Basic features while buying hosting from Bluehost? In this detailed Bluehost CodeGuard Review 2022 article I will make you understand what is Bluehost CodeGuard feature and whether you need this or not.

As one of the leading web hosts, Bluehost powers more than 2 million websites on the internet. It offers an extensive range of hosting services, including shared, dedicated, VPS, and WordPress for all the different types of websites across the price range.

While Bluehost is known to offer pocket-friendly hosting plans, with features such as unmetered bandwidth, free domain, malware scan, and free SSL included in every plan, it also provides a few hosting add-ons. One of the most popular of them is CodeGuard Basic.

When you buy hosting from Bluehost, on the checkout page you might have noticed Codeguard Basic option which will ticked by default. You need to un-tick the same in case you don’t want to buy. In case you go for Bluehost higher plans, then CodeGuard Basic will come as free only.

Bluehost codeguard basic pricing
Bluehost codeguard basic pricing

Should you pay extra for Bluehost CodeGuard Basic? Is Bluehost CodeGuard Basic worth it? Let us find detailed answers to these questions in this post.

What is Bluehost CodeGuard Basic?

While CodeGuard is known as a website backup tool, it is much more than any standard website backup solution. Apart from automated backups, CodeGuard also monitors your website 24×7. In case if it observes any changes to your website’s database, it will instantly send you a notification through email.

what is bluehost codeguard
what is bluehost codeguard

The tool will also create a backup copy of the website so that you can easily restore it to the previous version if it was not you who made changes to the database. You should also know that CodeGuard is an independent US-based company. Apart from purchasing CodeGuard Basic as an add-on with a Bluehost hosting plan, you can also visit its official website for purchasing the tool.

Do I Need CodeGuard Basic on Bluehost 2022?

If you are new to running a website and searching for handy tips online, you’d definitely come across several experts recommending you to regularly create backup copies of your website. With the rising cases of cyber threats, you never know when a disaster might strike your website, and you might end up losing your weeks and months of effort without backup.

Is Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Necessary
Is Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Necessary

Even if we leave cyber attacks for once, there are still many things that can go wrong when you are new to running and managing a website. There are innumerable ways in which you can end up losing critical website data. Whether you are running a blog, WordPress website, e-commerce store, or business website, backups are essential.

While there are web hosts that offer backup service free with their hosting plans, most such hosts are more expensive compared to Bluehost. In fact, Bluehost also offers other more expensive plans where CodeGuard Basic is included for free. But even if you are purchasing a Bluehost hosting plan where CodeGuard Basic is available as a paid add-on, you should definitely consider buying it.

Benefits of Buying Bluehost CodeGuard Basic in 2022

Here are some of the features and benefits of investing in CodeGuard Basic-

Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Site Backup Pro cPanel
Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Site Backup Pro cPanel
  • Daily Backups

Most free backup tools create a backup on a weekly basis. Many others require you to create a backup manually. However, CodeGuard Basic creates backup copies of your database automatically on a daily basis. Rest assured that all your hard work will be backed up daily for complete peace of mind.

  • Website Monitoring

Apart from daily automatic backup, CodeGuard will also monitor your website 24×7 for any changes to the database. In case if the tool notices any unusual changes from a 3rd party, it will quickly create a backup of your website and also send you a notification.

  • One-Click Restore

You can easily restore the backup copy of your website with a single click. Simply click on restore, and the tool will restore the website to the previous version when the backup was created. This ensures enhanced protection against cyber attacks or any other unexpected disasters.

  • Free Backup Storage

CodeGuard uses Amazon Web Service’s S3 cloud platform for storing website backups. Unlike other tools, you are not required to have your own storage or pay extra for this facility. The price of storage is included in the add-on fee you pay for CodeGuard Basic.

  • FTP Backup

Most of the free and even paid backup tools create snapshots of your website. These snapshots consume a lot of storage space. But CodeGuard uses an innovative FTP backup and smart compression technology to significantly reduce the size of backup files.

  • Malware Scanner

CodeGuard comes with its malware scanner known as MalwareGone. This advanced tool is able to find Trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits, and other malware on your website. Apart from discovering and notifying you, the tool also removes the files that have been infected before creating a backup.

Don’t Buy Bluehost CodeGuard As A Beginner (Free Alternatives)

Yes, you can find plenty of free website backup tools. Even if you are running a WordPress website, you can search backup plugins that are available for free. But as discussed in the post above, most such tools and plugins only create backups of your website. You don’t get additional features such as site-change monitoring or free malware with the free tools.

Moreover, most of the tools require you to have a storage solution to store the backup copies. Last but not least, backups are not created automatically on a daily basis with most of the free tools. You will have to do it manually to keep your website protected at all times. If you don’t create a backup for a few weeks, you will risk losing your time and efforts if any unexpected event occurs.

Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Pricing Review 2022

Bluehost Birthday sale 2021 is Live now where you can purchase a hosting plan from them with a big 65% discount. If you purchase Bluehost CodeGuard along with any of their hosting plans, here are the four different plans you can consider:

bluehost codeguard pricing
bluehost codeguard pricing
  • CodeGuard Basic

This plan costs $32.95/year and comes with 1GB storage for up to 5 websites. You also get unlimited databases and files, daily automatic backups, and site-change monitoring service with this plan. 

  • CodeGuard Professional

The Professional plan costs $59.95/year and comes with 5GB storage for up to 10 websites. You get additional features, like on-demand backups and priority queuing in this plan.

  • CodeGuard Premium

CodeGuard Premium plan will cost you $99.95/year. It comes with 10GB of storage for up to 25 websites. All the features of the Professional plan are included in the Premium plan.

  • CodeGuard Enterprise

This plan costs $239.95/year and comes with 25GB storage for up to 100 websites. All the features of the Professional plan are included in the Enterprise plan.

Is It Cheaper to Purchase CodeGuard from Official CodeGuard Website?

As mentioned above, you have the option to purchase CodeGuard from its official website as well. But it is cheaper when purchased as an add-on with a Bluehost hosting plan. For instance, CodeGuard offers a Personal plan on its official website that costs $60/year with 5GB storage for a single website.

CodeGuard PackageMonthly Price (per domain)Annual Price (per domain)

CodeGuard Basic with Bluehost costs $32.95/year with 1GB storage for up to 5 websites. While the Personal plan comes with more storage, it is almost twice the price of CodeGuard Basic. Small WordPress websites, business websites, blogs, etc., can easily use the CodeGuard basic plan with 1GB storage.

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Conclusion: Is Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Worth It?

If you are concerned about the safety of your website, creating regular backups is a must. But ask an experienced website owner, and they’d agree that manually creating backups on a daily basis is annoying, and most free tools and WordPress plugins are not reliable. This makes CodeGuard Basic a smart and highly affordable solution.

For only $32.95/year, you will get daily automated website backups, 24×7 site-change monitoring, free malware, and a one-click restore facility.

Free Bluehost CodeGuard Basic
Free Bluehost CodeGuard Basic

If your website is more than just a trial project and you have plans to run it well into the future and monetize it, CodeGuard Basic is definitely an excellent investment. If you have elaborate plans for your website or running multiple websites, you can also browse through other CodeGuard plans to choose one that best fits your requirements. 

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