Long Tail Pro Black Friday Sale 2022 [Coming Soon]: 50% Off on Annual Plans & 30% Off Monthly Plans

Santanu // Updated June 28, 2022  

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Long Tail Pro Black Friday 2022 Deal is not yet live. The offers mentioned in this article are of 2021 Long Tail Pro Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale. We will update this page as soon as we get more information about this in the coming days. When is Black Friday Sale in 2022? It’s on 25th November.

You will be happy to know that, during Long Tail Pro New Year 2020 sale you can get this tool at the cheapest price ever. They are offering a huge 50% discount up to Cyber Monday. Keyword research is a very crucial part in blogging and Digital marketing. And if you want to find profitable long tail keywords to rank fast then you must not miss this year’s 2022 Black Friday Cyber Monday discount on Long Tail Pro tool. They offer some good deal to save huge money. Here are the details.

Here are few details of LongTailPro Black Friday Sale 2022.

  • Discount: 50% OFF
  • Bonus: Double Server Resources for VPS plans
  • Discount price: From $4.98 /mo
  • Regular price: From $9.95 /mo
  • Coupon code: FR19
  • Start date: 26th November 2021
  • End date: To Be Confirmed

All plans come with a 10-day money-back guarantee. This offer is applicable for all recurring payments on the selected plans:

Annual Starter Plan 50% Off: $148.5 (regular price $297 per year)

Standard Allowances + New Rank Tracker email notifications and the Keyword Grouping feature

!NEW! Annual Power Pro Plan 50% Off: $347 (regular price $694 per year) 

Keyword Research:

  • 5500 keyword lookups per 24 hours 
  • 5500 KC calculations per 24 hours 
  • 5500 SERP lookups per 24 hours 
  • NEW Access to the Keyword grouping feature
  • Rank Tracker:
  • NEW Access to Rank Tracker Email Reports Feature
  • Tracked keywords: 400
  • Tracked Domains: Unlimited
  • Rank Updates: Daily
  • Backlink Analysis:
  • 10,000 Backlink rows per 24 hours
  • Account management
  • Simultaneous logins: 2
  • Plug-and-play template system
  • Complete suite of templates to scale your SEO: Included

Last year we made almost a year’s worth of sales during Black Friday promo, don’t miss the hot sales season! 

Long Tail Pro Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2022 (Coming Soon)

During the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend, they are offering 50% off on all Long Tail Pro plans – including monthly! So, customers can get plans as low as $18.50/month, or up to $269 in savings on annual plans. This offer is applicable for all recurring payments on the selected plan:

Long Tail Pro Plan Regular Price Discounted Price Deal Page
Monthly Starter $37 $18.50 Visit Long Tail Pro
Monthly Pro $67 $33.50 Visit Long Tail Pro
Annual Starter $297 $149 Visit Long Tail Pro
Annual Pro $537 $268.50 Visit Long Tail Pro

If you’re serious about optimizing your website to achieve better rankings, you might have surely heard about using long-tail keywords. Many of you might have also used Google’s Keyword Planner to search for unique long-tail keywords. But what if you want an advanced tool that can help you get better results? Well, have you tried Long Tail Pro?

  • Annual Starter: $148.5 (Regular Price $297)
  • Annual Pro: $268.5 (Regular Price $537)
  • Monthly Starter: $46.90 (Regular Price $67)
  • Monthly Pro: $25.90 (Regular Price $37)

Agency owners can also go for Annual Agency plan to save $49 compared to the Monthly plan.

All the offers are valid from November 29 until December 02, 2019. These plans all come with a 10-day money-back guarantee.

How to Grab Long Tail Pro Black Friday 2022 Deal?

It’s very easy to avail Long Tail Pro Black Friday 2022 discount. Just follow these simple steps below.

Step 1: First of all visit the Long Tail Pro offer page.

Step 2: You will see 3 plans there – Starter, Pro and Agency (Monthly and Annual Plans).

Annual Pro plan is the most popular one where you will get a limit of 2500 keywords/ day.

Step 3: Select your preferred plan and click on Subscribe Now.

Step 4: Enter the required details, payment details and click on Create Account

And that’s it! You have successfully availed the Long Tail Pro Cyber Monday offer.

What is Long Tail Pro?

To understand Long Tail Pro, you first need to clearly understand what long-tail keywords are. As the name suggests, these are long keywords that have at least 3-4 keyword phrases. These keyword phrases are generally very specific to what you want to sell. The thing is, whenever a person searches a phrase that is highly specific in nature, they often look for exact products they want to buy.

In other words, the chances of such specific searches to convert into sales are considerably higher than generic searches. This also means that ranking for such keywords can help you get more traffic and sales. Now that you understand what long-tail keywords are, let us have a look at what Long Tail Pro is.

To keep it plain and simple, Long Tail Pro is a software for searching long-tail keywords. With a built-in KC (Keyword Competitiveness) metric, the tool helps you pick the best of long-tail keywords that you can use on your website. Moreover, it also has its unique algorithm with the help of which the tool automatically calculates a 0-100 score of every keyword.

Right from the volume, words, rank value, language, competition, to the profitability, you can get all the important details for long-tail keywords instantly with Long Tail Pro. The popular tool is available in three different plans and there is also a 7-days free trial for trying the product. If you’re looking for discounts, purchase one of the three plans during Long Tail Pro Black Friday sale to save up to 50% on the plans.

Long Tail Pro Review 2022: Features Explained

Search for keyword tools on the internet and you’ll come across hundreds of options that look highly promising. I’ve used some of those tools that I randomly found on the internet and can guarantee that none of them are as thorough and easy-to-use as Long Tail Pro. Here is a short video of keyword research with the Long Tail Pro cloud.

Some of the features that I love about Long Tail Pro are as follows:

Detailed Metrics

One of the biggest advantages of using Long Tail Pro is the detailed keyword metrics it offers. It is not just a tool for finding top keywords but also a simple way to select the best. Simply enter a seed keyword and the tool will provide you with all the top long tail keywords based on it. Each of the keywords has a host of important details like average KC, bid, volume, competition, rank value, and more to help you pick the best of keywords for your website and ads.

You can also export the search results to Excel spreadsheet, import keywords, find high CPC keywords to increase AdSense revenue, find top domain names, check keywords across multiple search engines, and save the best keywords to your favorite list. In short, it has everything that you’d like your keyword tool to have.

Competition Analysis

Once you select a keyword, the tool also offers a thorough competition analysis for the same. You’ll get to check the monthly search volume of the keyword, Google results in breakdown (organic results, ads, featured snippets, etc.), domain KC, trust flow, citation flow, domain trust flow, domain citation flow, external backlinks, indexed URLs, internal links, site age, and more.

With the help of these details, you can easily analyze your competition and work on your keyword strategy to generate improved results. You can see what is and what is not working for other websites and on the basis of this information; you can then tweak your strategy.

Find Keywords Based on Country and Language

Another great thing about Long Tail Pro is its ability to let you search for keywords exclusive to countries and languages. While searching for a keyword, you can select the country and language for which you want the results and the tool will help you find the best keywords based on your selection.

This can be very useful if you want to target audiences from a particular country or who speak a particular language. Combined with all the in-depth keyword metrics and competition analysis, you’re sure to find the best long-tail keywords to rank higher on search engines.

Now let’s check out the pricing and plans before concluding this article on Long Tail Pro Black Friday 2020 sale.

Long Tail Pro Black Friday Pricing Explained

As mentioned above, Long Tail Pro is currently available in three different plans. However, there is also a free 7-days trial which you can use to first test the software. Once you’ve tried the software, you can then purchase one of the following:


With the Starter plan, you get 800 keyword lookups, KC calculations, and SERP lookups for every 24 hours. You can track up to 30 keywords, get daily rank dates, and the unlimited number of domain tracking. This plan only allows a single login and includes Long Tail University, a course on keyword research.

As you can see, the features of this plan are mostly targeted towards people who’re new to long-tail keywords. The plan is available on a monthly as well as an annual basis and it is highly recommended that you go for the annual plan as it helps you save a considerable amount of money.


If you’re an SEO professional, webmaster, or a digital marketer, the Pro plan is designed for you. With this plan, you get 2,500 keyword lookups, KC calculations, and SERP lookups for every 24 hours. You can track up to 200 keywords, get daily rank updates, and track an unlimited number of domains.

While the Starter plan only allows a single login, with the Pro plan you can have 2 simultaneous logins. Access to Long Tail University is available with this plan as well. This plan is also available on a monthly and annual basis. As compared to the monthly plan, the annual plan proves cheaper but requires a higher initial investment.


If you’re a digital marketing or SEO firm, the Agency plan of Long Tail Pro is the one for you. With this plan, you get 6,000 keyword lookups, KC calculations, and SERP lookups every 24 hours. You can track up to 1,000 keywords and get daily rank updates and track unlimited domains.

With the Agency plan, you can have up to 5 simultaneous logins and the Long Tail University course is included in this plan as well. Go for the annual Agency plan and you can save up to $500 on your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is a long tail keyword research tool that allows you to generate hundreds of long tail keywords within a few minutes. You can give a single root keyword or multiple root keywords at a time.

Is Long Tail Pro worth it?

Long Tail Pro is recommended by many digital marketers for its ability to generate numerous long tail keywords in a short time. It’s worth the investment as it gives you insights on volume, bid, competition level, and many other factors.

How much is LongTail Pro?

Long Tail Pro pricing starts at $37 monthly and ranges up to $147/ month. However, if you go for a yearly plan, you get them at good discounts. Also, with the Black Friday discount, you can save even more.

How to find long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are very beneficial for SEO. You can use the Long Tail Pro keyword research tool to find hundreds of long tail keywords easily based on a seed keyword.

Conclusion: Is Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal 2022 Worth?

If this is the first time that you’re looking for a keyword tool then you’re sure to be impressed with the easy functioning of Long Tail Pro. Try using other popular keyword tools and it shouldn’t be difficult for you to understand the differences. Moreover, I’ve not come across any keyword tool that is as comprehensive and powerful as Long Tail Pro.

No matter if you want to search for the most profitable keywords, domain names, or a phrase for your ads, Long Tail Pro is a one-stop solution for all your long-tail keyword needs. The tool is available in three different plans, making it easier for the people to select one as per their requirement. Moreover, you can either go for the monthly plan or select an annual plan to save big.

They have also started their Free Hands-On Training program where you can find 3 low competition keywords that can get your site faster ranking in Google while getting an in-depth idea about the tool.

Not only this, if you’d like to further increase your savings, you can buy a plan during the Long Tail Pro Black Friday 2022 sale which will go live on 2nd December. Discounts of 50%, free months, and bonus features are some of the offerings at the official Long Tail Pro website during the Black Friday sale.

So, visit Long Tail Pro now to take advantage of the amazing offers and make the whole process of finding the best long-tail keywords easy and quick.

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